TLDR Daily Update 2022-04-06

Elon joins Twitter board 🐦, the next Google πŸ”, Windows cloud ☁️

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Big Tech & Startups

Microsoft is integrating its Windows 365 Cloud PCs into Windows 11 (3 minute read)

Microsoft has announced new Cloud PC integrations into Windows 11. Windows 365 is a service that lets businesses stream a version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 in a web browser. Windows 11 PCs will now be able to boot straight to Windows 365 Cloud PCs or easily switch to them using Windows 11's virtual desktops feature. Microsoft is working on a Windows 365 offline feature that will allow users to work locally and sync data with Windows 365 when connectivity is restored. Windows 11 will soon have a native Windows 365 app.

Twitter is adding an edit button (2 minute read)

Twitter has announced that it will allow Twitter Blue subscribers to edit their tweets in the coming months. The feature has been frequently requested by users, but former CEO Jack Dorsey was reluctant to add it due to the potential for abuse. Elon Musk, after purchasing a 9.2% stake in Twitter, polled his followers on whether the company should add an edit button. The results were strongly in favor of the feature.
Science & Futuristic Technology

β€˜Mind-blowing’: Ai-Da becomes first robot to paint like an artist (3 minute read)

Ai-Da is a humanoid robot that can paint traditionally. It was created in 2019 by a team of programmers, roboticists, art experts, and psychologists. The robot can paint, sketch, and create poems. Ai-Da will premier a solo exhibition at the 2022 Venice Biennale on April 22. Pictures of Ai-Da and examples of art created by the robot are available in the article.

First autonomous X-ray-analyzing AI is cleared in the EU (3 minute read)

Oxipit has received regulatory clearance in the EU for its artificial intelligence tool that can read chest X-rays without oversight from a radiologist. ChestLink scans chest X-rays and sends scans with potential problems to radiologists for review. The EU certification only signals that the tool meets safety standards. Oxipit plans to obtain FDA clearance in the US, which will require the company to prove its effectiveness as well.
Programming, Design & Data Science

NeverThrow (GitHub Repo)

NeverThrow is a package for JavaScript and TypeScript that implements type-safe errors. It contains a Result type that represents either success or failure. Examples are available.

Teleport 9 - Introducing Machine ID (Sponsor)

Big release from Teleport today! Teleport 9 now includes Machine ID: the identity-based access for machine connections. Learn more in this blog post.

How We Built r/Place (19 minute read)

Place was a project by Reddit where users could place a single colored tile on a collaborative canvas every few minutes. Each tile placed was relayed to observers in real-time. This article discusses how multiple engineering teams worked together to create Place. A link to the code for Place is available.

The Next Google (12 minute read)

The next Google will have to be more than just an input box that returns links. A new generation of search engines is being developed that takes the idea of a search engine to new directions. This article looks at new search engines and shows what they offer. It talks about Kagi, Neeva,, Andi, Brave, and Goggles, and explains how these companies are innovating in the space.

Elon Musk will join Twitter's board of directors (2 minute read)

Twitter is appointing Elon Musk to its board of directors. Musk will serve as a Class II director with a term that expires at Twitter's 2024 annual shareholder meeting. He is limited to holding a maximum of 14.9% of common stock during his tenure and for 90 days afterward.

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