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Instagram upgrades DMs πŸ“·, Dell's new UltraSharp πŸ–₯️, productivity multipliers πŸ“ˆ

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Big Tech & Startups

Dell’s new UltraSharp 4K monitors are β€œIPS Black”—what does that mean? (9 minute read)

Dell recently announced two new UltraSharp monitors that feature IPS Black, a new type of IPS panel. IPS, or in-plane switching, is a type of LED panel that is known for its exceptional color reproduction. IPS Black is a new type of IPS that provides better contrast, with a black level that is 35% deeper than existing IPS products. It allows screens to be created with a nearly borderless design. The new displays have a contrast ratio of 2,000:1, twice what most IPS monitors offer. Many more details about this new display technology are available in the article.

Instagram upgrades its DM inbox with music sharing, statuses, polls, silent messages, and more (3 minute read)

Instagram is rolling out several new messaging features. The features include music sharing, replying while browsing, quick sending, online status, silent messages, polls, chat customization, co-watching videos, a lo-fi chat theme, and more. Some features will require users to allow for cross-app communication between Instagram and Messenger. Meta's other chat apps, Messenger and WhatsApp, also received updates this week.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Scientists Say New Treatment Lets Alopecia Patients Regrow Hair (2 minute read)

A common arthritis medication appears to help alopecia patients regrow their hair. Data from medical trials clearly show how effective the treatment is. There is no current FDA-approved treatment for alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes rapid loss of hair. The treatment could become available soon.

Scientists Have Finally Mapped the Whole Human Genome (3 minute read)

A team of scientists have created a gapless human genome sequence, making the complete human genome accessible for the first time. 8% of the information in the sequence is new and could provide insights into our evolutionary journey and other information. The Human Genome Project presented a nearly complete version of the genome in 2003, but the project was limited by the technology available at the time. It took many advances in genetic sequencing to make it possible for scientists to complete the project.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Dagger (GitHub Repo)

Dagger is a portable devkit for continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines. It allows software teams to develop powerful CICD pipelines with minimal effort. Dagger pipelines can run on any Docker-compatible runtime, making them compatible with most modern CI runners out of the box.

Nitric (GitHub Repo)

Nitric is a framework for cloud-native and serverless applications. It makes it easy to create smart serverless functions, APIs, or distributed apps that use events or queues. Nitric can read and write large files and securely store, retrieve, and rotate secrets. Apps built with Nitric can be deployed to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud from the same code base.

SSH Made Easy with Tailscale (Sponsor)

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Ask HN: What bits of fundamental knowledge are productivity multipliers? (Hacker News Thread)

Certain kinds of knowledge can significantly increase productivity when solving a large class of problems, for example, regular expressions for text processing, parser combinations for parsing, and vector space embedding for complex AI problems. This Hacker News thread explores different skills and areas of knowledge that can help people become more capable in their work and life. It includes skills that apply specifically to those in software and web development, but there are also mentions of more general skills, for example, skills learned in therapy and knowing how to enter a productive state.

This Prepper Is Building a Post-Apocalyptic Internet (5 minute read)

The Reticulum Network Stack is a 'prepper' version of the internet that is designed to exist alongside or on top of the traditional internet. It is a streamlined communications tool that can be quickly deployed in case of systemic telecom failure. The system is designed so that anyone can easily build secure and long-range networks with simple tools. It can run on almost any device and can be put together with minimal telecom and computer knowledge in about an hour. More information about the Reticulum Network Stack is available in the article.

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