TLDR Daily Update 2022-03-11

Google's iMessage integration πŸ’¬, textured touchscreens πŸ“±, using undocumented APIs πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

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Big Tech & Startups

DoorDash is testing a feature that lets you return packages to post offices, FedEx, or UPS (3 minute read)

DoorDash is testing a feature called 'Return a Package' that allows customers to book a delivery person to return packages to the nearest post office, UPS, or FedEx location. Customers will have to have their packages fully sealed with the prepaid shipping label attached before collection. DoorDash Dashers will be paid the same way for Return a Package returns as they would be for any other marketplace order. Other companies have tested similar services in the past but weren't successful.

Google’s Message app can now handle iMessage reactions, challenges Apple with new features (4 minute read)

Google rolled out several product updates today, including improvements to Google Messages, Android widgets, Google TV, Google Photos, Nearby Share, Android Auto, and Accessibility features. Google's Messages app now features iMessage reactions, reply reminders, separate tabs for business and personal messages, birthday reminders, Google Photos integration, and more. Apple's refusal to use the RCS standard for messaging has resulted in many users turning to third-party messaging apps. Details about the improvements to Google's Messaging app are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

A transistor made using two atomically thin materials sets size record (9 minute read)

A new record for the smallest transistor gate length has been achieved. The gate was only a single carbon atom across. The design of the whole transistor is easy to make and relatively compact. While the transistor will need more work to improve its performance, the techniques used to create it are significant as they do not require extremely precise positioning of the atomically thin materials.

A new type of killer T-cell can stop attacks on healthy tissue (3 minute read)

A new form of human T cell that suppresses attacks on healthy tissues has been discovered. T cells play a significant role in the adaptive immune response. The new T cells may be capable of killing other T cells. They were first discovered in mice, but a new study confirms that the cells also exist in humans. Enhancing the number of these T cells in the body could aid in the treatment of infections and autoimmune diseases.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Qwik (GitHub Repo)

Qwik is a framework that delivers fast load times with pure HTML and less than 1kb of JavaScript. It can be used to create complex and interactive sites. Several blog posts explaining how Qwik works are available.

How to use undocumented web APIs (8 minute read)

The information browsers send to the backend are just HTTP requests. There's no way for the backend to tell that a request isn't sent by a browser unless too many headers are removed. This article shows how anyone can access undocumented APIs by sending requests to endpoints authenticated with cookies. It uses Google Hangouts as an example and then points out some of the issues with the technique.

How to use the InfluxDB API to collect time series data (Sponsor)

This tutorial shows you how to authenticate, read a data stream, store it as a time series, and run queries in InfluxDB APIs. Use the REST API or your favorite languages, including Python, Java, Go, and Ruby. Learn more.

Your Brain Is Fooled Into Feeling Shapes and Textures On This Temperature-Changing Touchscreen (3 minute read)

Researchers from Texas A&M University have developed a touchscreen device that can increase its surface friction to create the illusion of physical shapes and textures when touched. The amount of friction on the screen can be controlled through temperature. Current prototypes aren't able to make detailed temperature adjustments, but the team hopes to eventually develop touchscreen devices that can trick the brain into thinking it is feeling real physical buttons.

Magic Leap 2 Hands-On: AR Glasses That Can Dim The Real World (9 minute read)

This article presents a hands-on experience with Magic Leap's new augmented reality glasses. The Magic Leap 2 features a larger field of view, lenses that can dim the world and become blackout sunglasses, spatial audio, and more. It is notably smaller than the first version, with improved eye and hand tracking. No prices for the headset have been released yet. Photos of the device are available in the article.

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