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TikTok vs Youtube πŸ“±, networking for developers πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’», the 20 most common passwords πŸ”‘

De-identifying Analytics Data with Skyflow (Sponsor)

Sensitive data often finds its way into data analytics pipelines where it’s rarely needed, but adds enormous security and compliance risk. However, blindly purging such data from analytics pipelines can break key use cases.Learn how a data privacy vault and tokenization can help you preserve privacy while enabling analytics. Download this white paper to learn more.
Big Tech & Startups

LG's latest CineBeam 4K projectors promise improved daytime viewing (2 minute read)

LG's new CineBeam 4K projectors have upgrades that improve their daytime viewing capabilities. The HU710P peaks at 2,000 lumens of brightness and the HU715Q delivers a 2,500-lumen output. The HU715Q can produce a 100-inch picture from just 8.5 inches away. Both projectors feature three HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and support for AirPlay 2, HomeKit, and screen sharing. While they aren't cheap, the new brightness upgrades may make the projectors suitable as replacements for large-screen TVs.

TikTok expands maximum video length to 10 minutes (3 minute read)

TikTok has expanded the maximum length for uploads to 10 minutes. The platform's rise to popularity was founded on a never-ending stream of short videos, but the company has been pushing for longer content for a while now. It introduced three-minute-long videos last July. Other platforms, such as YouTube, have introduced short-form videos to compete with TikTok.
Science & Futuristic Technology

After Russia's threat, Elon Musk says SpaceX can protect the ISS from deorbiting (2 minute read)

Sanctions against Russia aimed at degrading the Russian aerospace industry have resulted in a not-so-veiled threat that the ISS would crash into Europe or the US if it was to fall. Elon Musk replied to the threat with SpaceX's logo. With SpaceX's experience in rocket engines, spacecraft maneuvering, and collision avoidance, it would not be surprising if it was asked to handle the ISS on an SOS basis. The Twitter exchange between Musk and the chief of the Russian Space agency is available in the article.

RISC-V AI Chips Will Be Everywhere (5 minute read)

RISC-V is a free and open-source computer instruction set architecture introduced in 2010. For many years, it was assumed that general-purpose computer architectures would never keep up with GPUs and other purpose-built architectures for machine learning and AI. Esperanto Technologies has created a RISC-V AI processor intended to compete against powerful GPUs in AI-recommendation systems. There will be 25 million RISC-V AI chips produced in 2027, worth $291 billion in revenue. Intel is creating a $1 billion fund to help drive further adoption of RISC-V.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Almond.CSS (GitHub Repo)

Almond.CSS is a collection of class-less CSS styles to make simple websites look better. The project uses only tags, and its themes and styles are easily customizable. Developers can combine HTML and Almond.CSS without JavaScript. A demo is available.

Breaking Down JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)

We've been talking with developers about JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) and the questions that usually come up are around how to secure them, pros and cons, and how to revoke JWTs. Here are the answers to all of your burning JWT questions. Download the eBook today!

The Painfully Shy Developer's Guide to Networking for a Better Job (17 minute read)

Making small talk with colleagues might be the last thing you want to do as an introvert, but networking is an important skill that can create career opportunities. This article talks about how to network without being awkward or creepy. It aims to teach the reader how to build relationships with influencers at companies in a way that is authentic and natural.

Conti ransomware gang’s internal chats leaked online after declaring support for Russian invasion (3 minute read)

A cache of chat logs from the Conti ransomware group was leaked online by an insider. Conti recently stated their support for the Russian invasion and vowed to retaliate against critical infrastructure if Russia is hit with cyber or military attacks. In response, the insider shared about a year's worth of chat logs along with the message 'Glory to Ukraine'. Many ransomware operations have connections to Ukraine, so they risk angering group members by choosing to publicly take sides.

These are the 20 most common passwords leaked on the dark web β€” make sure none of them are yours (3 minute read)

Cybersecurity experts say that the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict could result in an increase in cyberattacks around the world. Choosing a strong password helps prevent hackers from accessing online accounts. It is recommended that people use passwords with uncommon characters that are longer than the minimum length required. A different password should be used for every account. A list of the 20 most commonly leaked passwords is available.

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