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Android 13 📱, MoviePass relaunch🎥, new CSS color features 🎨

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Big Tech & Startups

Google releases Android 13 developer preview #1 (9 minute read)

Google released the Android 12L Developer Preview #3 on February 9 and the Android 13 Developer Preview #1 on February 10. The final version of Android 12L is due in March. Android 13 will feature more Material You color options, a new notification opt-in system for users, per-all language preferences, themed icons, a new photo picker that doesn't need storage access, and much more. It is due for release later in the year. More details about the new features in Android 13 are available in the article.

MoviePass is officially coming back (4 minute read)

MoviePass co-founder Stacy Spikes has announced that the service will return this summer. The company recently held a launch event in NYC. MoviePass 2.0 will be powered by web3 technology. The new model will run on tradable credits that roll over month to month. Subscribers will be able to use their credits to bring a friend. Aspects of PreShow, a technology by a company owned by Spikes that trades ad views for in-game currency, will be incorporated into the new MoviePass.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Four fast chargers every 50 miles—US unveils EV infrastructure plan (3 minute read)

The US federal government is spending $5 billion over five years to build a nationwide network of fast chargers for electric vehicles. It will start by focusing on the Interstate Highway System. States will be required to build a charging station every 50 miles capable of charging at least four EVs simultaneously at 150 kW. A new agency was formed to help administer the program. Case-by-case exceptions to the 50-mile requirement will be made if no connections are available nearby.

SpaceX Starship event live: Every major announcement from Elon Musk's update (9 minute read)

Elon Musk just updated the world on all things SpaceX Starship on a livestream from the Starbase facility in Texas. During the presentation, Musk talked about Starship's future plans and the current state of SpaceX's technology. SpaceX is expecting FAA approval in March. It is confident that Starship will reach orbit by the end of the year. This page contains all the details from the presentation.
Programming, Design & Data Science

A Whistle-Stop Tour of 4 New CSS Color Features (9 minute read)

An upcoming change to CSS will bring new color models and new functions that map color models differently. This article discusses the new changes and how they will affect how colors are set and displayed. The new features include Display-P3, which allows developers to take advantage of modern monitors that can display more vibrant colors, relative color syntax, and the ability to define custom CSS color spaces.

The Complete Guide to Full Stack Web3 Development (30 minute read)

This in-depth tutorial teaches the tools, protocols, and frameworks for building full-stack web3 apps. It walks through how to deploy an app to Polygon, a network with low transaction costs, fast block times, and current network adoption. The app will be built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is used on dozens of blockchains.

InfluxDB is the essential time series toolkit (Sponsor)

InfluxDB has everything you need to build time series applications – a multi-tenanted time series database, UI and dashboarding tools, background processing, and monitoring agent. All this makes deployment and setup a breeze. Get started for free today!

I relearned typing to save my wrists (8 minute read)

After experiencing severe wrist pain that limited their ability to type for extended periods, Gregory Witek switched to using an ergonomic keyboard and Colemak layout. Software developers mostly don't work in dangerous environments, but there are still health concerns with the profession related to being sedentary and constant exposure to screens. This article discusses issues with the ergonomics of most keyboards, how ergonomic keyboards work, the process of switching keyboard styles, and the benefits of the change.

French privacy regulator rules against use of Google Analytics (2 minute read)

France's privacy regulator has ruled that Google Analytics is in breach of EU privacy law because it transfers personal data to the US. An unnamed website has been ordered to stop using the service to comply with the GDPR. An Austrian regulator also ruled similarly in January. While Google has adopted additional measures to regulate data transfers, they are not sufficient enough to prevent US intelligence services from accessing the data.

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