TLDR Daily Update 2022-02-09

Peloton's layoffs include CEO 📉, Apple Tap-to-Pay 💵, Google Chrome Journeys 🔍

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Big Tech & Startups

Amazon rolls out its telehealth service nationwide (2 minute read)

Amazon Care is rolling out its telehealth service nationwide. It will also expand in-person care to 20 cities. Amazon Care provides virtual care visits, free telehealth consults, and in-home visits for a fee. The virtual care market is becoming increasingly crowded as insurers are also trying to enter the market. Amazon has already signed up several employers to the service.

Apple announces a way to buy stuff by tapping iPhones together (2 minute read)

Apple is releasing a new Tap to Pay feature for the iPhone that allows people to receive payments. The feature turns iPhones into point-of-sale terminals without any extra hardware. It uses the iPhone's NFC ship to accept Apple Pay and most contactless credit cards. The feature will be accessed through third-party apps. Stripe and Shopify will be among the first to integrate the feature later this year.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Machine learning is making fruits and vegetables more delicious (5 minute read)

Many commercial fruit varieties have become less flavorful over time. It is expensive and difficult for breeders to breed plants based on flavor, so other traits receive more attention. A group of scientists analyzed the contents of various fruits and then used machine learning to figure out which chemical combinations create what tastes. This technology could be used to easily test produce for taste, possibly resulting in better tasting food.

Advanced photonic radar captures images down to the centimeter scale (2 minute read)

Researchers from Sydney have developed an advanced photonic radar system that can measure objects down to centimeters. It generates high bandwidth signals that allow it to detect small objects more precisely. In tests, the system was able to image objects measuring just 3 x 4 cm as they moved on a rotating plate. The radar can be used as a non-invasive way to monitor patient vital signs. It is small enough to fit into smartphones.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Aspect Ratio is Great (5 minute read)

This article discusses how to use the aspect-ratio property in CSS. Prior to the aspect-ratio property being added to CSS a year ago, developers had to write some pretty ugly CSS to get elements to conform to an aspect ratio. The aspect-ratio property makes it simple and it doesn't require learning a lot of other CSS to use.

Mailwind (GitHub Repo)

Mailwind lets users design HTML emails using Tailwind CSS. Tailwind makes it easy to design websites. Mailwind uses the same utility classes that are normally used for the web.

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Peloton CEO steps down as the company cuts 2,800 jobs (5 minute read)

Peloton's John Foley will be stepping down as CEO. Former Spotify CFO Barry McCarthy will take over the role. Foley will remain on as Executive Chair. Peloton is cutting 2,800 jobs globally, around 20% of its corporate workforce. The company invested heavily in production in 2021 but saw a decrease in demand this year. It has now halted all production of its treadmill and bike products.

Google Chrome's new Journeys feature helps you find that tab you just lost (2 minute read)

Journeys is a new feature in Google Chrome that groups items in a user's search and browsing history by subject or topic. Users will see an option to resume their research when typing related words into the search bar. The option will show a list of relevant sites from their history. It will show sites with the most interaction at the top. The feature will only group search history on individual devices. It will roll out with the next update.

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