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Rollable smartwatch ⌚, vision fixing eye drops 🤓, Drive Pilot 🚗

Big Tech & Startups

Samsung’s working on a rollable smartwatch with a camera (4 minute read)

Samsung filed a patent in June for a Galaxy Watch with a rollable screen. The watch looks like an average round-faced watch except that it can extend into a pill-shaped oval that's 40 percent larger. One of the drawings in the patent suggests that the larger screen could be used to watch videos. There will be a front-facing camera in the middle of the watch. While tech companies seem to be toying with the idea of watching videos and taking photos from the wrist, these applications may not be practical in real life.

Facebook finally has live chat support for people who are locked out of their accounts (3 minute read)

Facebook is testing live chat help for a small group of English-speaking users globally. The service will help people who have been locked out of their accounts and focus on users who can't log in due to unusual activity or because they have violated community standards. Facebook is also introducing better comment moderation, the ability to block users and any new accounts they may make, a dedicated spot to view hidden comments, and the ability for creators to co-broadcast with up to three additional guests. Video hosts can now add links that viewers can click without leaving the video. Screenshots showing some of the new features are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Mercedes-Benz gets world’s first approval for automated driving system (2 minute read)

Mercedes-Benz's Drive Pilot self-driving system has gained regulatory approval from Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority. The level-3 system will debut next year. Drive Pilot uses a combination of radar, cameras, LIDAR, microphones, a moisture sensor, and high-accuracy GNSS to provide true automated driving. It can handle unexpected traffic situations and take evasive action if necessary. Drive Pilot will be limited to premapped, geofenced, closed-access highways at speeds of up to 37 mph.

New FDA Approved Eye Drops Actually Eliminate the Need for Reading Glasses (2 minute read)

Vuity is an eye drop that reduces pupil size, allowing people with age-related blurred near vision to see clearly without reading glasses for up to 10 hours. It was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The drops cost about $80 for a 30-day supply and are not covered by medical insurance. There are side effects such as headaches and red eyes. The drops should not be used while driving at night or when performing activities in low-light conditions.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Defensive CSS (11 minute read)

This article contains a collection of CSS snippets that can help developers avoid certain CSS issues. It covers a large range of topics, such as spacing, lock scroll chaining, text over images, and more. In addition to the code snippets, each section explains the issues that can occur and how to avoid them.

Turborepo (Website)

Turborepo is a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases. It features incremental builds, content-aware hashing, remote caching, parallel execution, task pipelines, and more. Turborepo allows developers to scale their monorepos without having to tweak configs, write scripts, or deal with other plumbing issues.

The Internet’s biggest players are all affected by critical Log4Shell 0-day (3 minute read)

Log4Shell is a newly discovered zero-day vulnerability that affects many of the biggest names on the internet. It was discovered running on Minecraft servers and clients. The vulnerability allows attackers to input data into username fields to create external network connections, making the server vulnerable to remote code execution attacks. Cloudflare and Minecraft have already taken steps to mitigate the vulnerability.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter account was ‘briefly compromised’ (1 minute read)

The Twitter account of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hacked on Sunday. People became suspicious after the account tweeted that India had officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender. The tweet contained a link to a sketchy website with information supporting the claim. The account has now been fully secured.

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