TLDR Daily Update 2021-11-15

Starlink Superchargers 📶, new HDDs 💾, investing in humans 💹

Big Tech & Startups

Tesla starts deploying Starlink satellite internet systems at Supercharger stations (2 minute read)

Tesla has started to deploy Starlink antennas at its Supercharger stations. The company has focused on creating a great complimentary charging experience as opposed to making its charging stations profit centers. Tesla owners can spend more than 30 minutes at charging stations, so Wi-Fi could be valuable for those without Tesla's premium connectivity. Tesla currently has over 3,100 stations. It plans to triple the size of its network within the next two years and open to non-Tesla vehicles.

Now Dollar General will do same-day deliveries via DoorDash (2 minute read)

DoorDash has partnered with Dollar General to provide same-day deliveries in more than 9,000 locations. Customers will not need to book time slots and there is no minimum order size. DoorDash plans to list more than 10,000 locations by December. The partnership will open up access and independence for customers who haven't had access to similar services before, but it will also put more pressure on Dollar Store employees and local independent retailers.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Bitcoin's biggest upgrade in four years just happened – here's what changes (3 minute read)

Bitcoin's Taproot update has gone live with near-universal support. The update will bring greater transaction privacy through Schorr signatures, which will make simple transactions indistinguishable from multi-signature transactions. Taproot allows for cheaper and smaller smart contracts and the update presents a lot of potential for developers. While the Bitcoin community had agreed on the changes back in June, the update was delayed due to testing to reduce the likelihood of something going wrong.

Seagate just unveiled the first-ever PCIe NVMe hard disk drive (2 minute read)

Seagate has unveiled the first-ever PCIe NVMe hard disk drive. The HDD is based on a proprietary controller that works with all major protocols without requiring a bridge. Bringing the NVMe protocol to HDDs will lower the total cost of ownership, improve performance, save energy, and reduce the complexity of datacenter configurations. The first samples of the new drives will be available to a small selection of customers next year. They won't be available to the general public until 2024 at the earliest.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Useful sed (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains useful sed scripts, patterns, tips, techniques, and tricks for daily usage. sed is a utility that parses and transforms text. A list of recommended books for learning sed is available.

Odyssey (GitHub Repo)

Odyssey is an advanced multi-threaded PostgreSQL connection pooler and request router. It features multi-threaded processing, advanced transactional pooling, defined connection pools, support for many security and authentication methods, and more. Odyssey currently only runs on Linux.

The FBI’s email system was hacked to send out fake cybersecurity warnings (3 minute read)

A hacker has managed to send emails to over 100,000 addresses using the FBI's email servers. The emails claimed that the recipients were the victims of a sophisticated chain attack orchestrated by Vinny Troia, a prominent cybersecurity researcher. Troia has identified a potential suspect, an individual who has allegedly tried damaging Troia's reputation in similar ways in the past. The accused hacker said that they could have caused much more damage, and has told media outlets about how he gained access.

A Former Facebook VP Thinks Investing in Humans Is the Future of VC (10 minute read)

Slow Ventures is a startup that invests in people. It offers creators a deal where the creator gets a large payout upfront to do whatever they want with, and the firm gets 5% of the creator's earnings for 30 years. The firm's plan could help it find the next Jeff Bezos before they get rich. Creators only start paying back investors once they make over a certain amount. Investing directly in humans brings about a host of legal, ethical, and moral questions, but the founders see it as a way to provide people with the money to fund a path to success that doesn't exist today.

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