TLDR Daily Update 2021-07-15

Netflix gaming 🎮 , Amazon satellite internet 🛰️, LG's rollable TV 📺

Big Tech & Startups

Netflix will start publishing video games, has hired former EA exec (3 minute read)

Netflix hired a former EA and Oculus executive to lead a Netflix game-publishing team. The company has not confirmed what type of service it is creating, but it likely means that video games will be available on Netflix soon. Netflix has been building a collection of exclusive TV series based on video game licenses. There are a growing amount of cloud-based gaming subscription services.

Amazon bought Facebook’s satellite team to help build its Starlink competitor (3 minute read)

Amazon has purchased Facebook's small-satellite division. Facebook was designing and testing ways to advance satellite connectivity as part of an effort to enable the next generation of broadband infrastructure. It had no plans to become a service provider. Amazon plans to launch a constellation of low-Earth-orbit satellites to compete against SpaceX's Starlink. It has permission to launch 3,236 low-Earth-orbit satellites. Amazon expects to launch the satellites in 2023 at the earliest.
Science & Futuristic Technology

New Spring-Loaded Screw Turns Drywall Into Sound-Absorbing Panels (2 minute read)

The Sound Screw is a new type of spring-loaded screw that can reduce sound transmission through drywall by up to nine decibels. Drywall is flexible and can easily transmit sounds. The screws add a slight gap that allows the spring to expand and compress, dampening the energy of sound waves hitting the walls. It is a more economical alternative to other sound-proofing methods. The creator is still looking for manufacturers to put the Sound Screw into mass production.

Watch Robots Make Pizzas From Start to Finish at an Automated Pizzeria (3 minute read)

Pazzi Pizzeria is a restaurant in Paris where customers can watch their pizzas being made by a team of robots. It took eight years to develop the pizza bots. The robots ensure a consistent product. They are remotely monitored and can be manually controlled to fix any issues. The restaurant opened last week and it plans to expand internationally. A one-and-a-half-minute video featuring the robots in action is available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

CATS (GitHub Repo)

CATS can generate hundreds of API tests within seconds with no coding effort. All tests are generated and run automatically based on 72 Fuzzers that cover test types such as negative testing, boundary testing, structural validations, security, and end-to-end functional flows. Tutorials on how to use CATS are available.

Programming Languages for Enthusiasts (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a catalog of programming languages, environments, and tools. It features cool indie projects.

LG Will Let You Spend $100,000 On Its Rollable OLED TV (3 minute read)

LG has released its rollable OLED 4K TV for $100,000. The concept for the TV was unveiled during CES 2018. It can extend out from its base and slide back in to be stored when needed. The TV uses self-lit pixel technology developed by LG. It features webOS and Dolby Vision, with a 120Hz refresh rate for 4K gaming.

Clubhouse launches its DM feature Backchannel (1 minute read)

Clubhouse has launched its direct messaging feature. Backchannel allows users to chat one-on-one or in groups. Users can send links but not images or videos. More functionality, along with a few other features, will be coming soon. Clubhouse has been downloaded more than 8 million times on Android devices. More than 500,000 rooms are created daily on the platform.

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