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China bans Didi πŸš—, Elon Musk's house 🏠, AI art scene 🎨

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China regulator orders Didi ride-hailing app removed from stores (1 minute read)

The Cyberspace Administration of China has accused Didi of illegally collecting users' personal data and ordered app stores to remove its Chuxing app from their libraries. Didi has 377 million users in China alone. The company went public on June 30 as one of the biggest Chinese IPOs since Alibaba. Customers who have downloaded the app can still use it normally. China's regulators have been cracking down on tech companies over the past several weeks, focusing on anti-competitive practices, inconsistent pricing, and incorrect data handling.

Bumble is opening a restaurant to go along with their dating app (2 minute read)

Bumble is opening a cafe and restaurant in New York City called Bumble Brew. The venue will be a cafe during the day and an intimate restaurant and wine bar at night. It will start opening for breakfast on July 24 with plans of expanding its hours later in the summer. The restaurant was inspired by the success of the Bumble Hive pop-up spaces that the company used in 2017. It will feature an Italian-inspired menu. Bumble plans to host events and schedule programming at the establishment.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Alien Dreams: An Emerging Art Scene (15 minute read)

At the beginning of the year, OpenAI released the model-weights and code for CLIP, a model trained to determine which caption from a set of captions best fits a given image. This spawned a scene where hackers, artists, researchers, and deep learning enthusiasts use CLIP to generate all sorts of visual art by inputting text. Another model by OpenAI called DALL-E can generate images from text descriptions, but it hasn't been released to the public yet. This article talks about the AI art scene and the technologies behind it. There are many examples of AI-generated art in the article.

Israeli scientists say they’ve paved way to turn off the brain’s β€˜hunger switch’ (3 minute read)

Israeli researchers have identified the precise molecular details of the brain's hunger switch, making it possible to design targeted drugs to suppress appetite without the adverse side effects of current treatments. Pharmaceutical companies have been racing to make drugs to manipulate the switch, but current drugs bind with several receptors, causing undesired side effects. While the research was based on people with a genetic condition affecting the switch, the results could benefit the general population of people struggling with weight loss.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Machine Learning for Beginners - A Curriculum (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains the Machine Learning for Beginners curriculum by Azure Cloud Advocates at Microsoft. The course is 12-weeks long and consists of 24 lessons. Each lesson includes quizzes, assignments, and more to allow students to learn while building.

petite-vue (GitHub Repo)

petite-vue is a ~5.8kb alternative distribution of Vue that is optimized for progressive enhancement. It is compatible with the same template syntax and reactivity mental model as standard Vue. A section comparing petite-vue with standard Vue is available.

Elon Musk living in a prefab house that sells for just $50k (2 minute read)

Elon Musk's primary home is a $50,000 prefabricated home manufactured by housing startup Boxabl. Boxabl specializes in easy-to-construct housing modules. Musk's home is roughly 400-square-foot and located near SpaceX's launch facility in Texas. He rents the house from SpaceX. Musk also owns a house in the Bay Area. A short video showing a Boxabl prefab house being set up is available in the article.

Virgin Galactic to launch Richard Branson on July 11, aiming to beat Jeff Bezos to space (2 minute read)

Virgin Galactic will launch its next test flight on July 11. Founder Sir Richard Branson will be on board, beating Jeff Bezos to space by nine days. The test will be Virgin Galactic's fourth test space flight. Its most recent test flight had two pilots on board. There will be three Virgin Galactic mission specialists alongside Branson. The flight will be live-streamed on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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