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Samsung Watch leaks ⌚, bee self-cloning 🐝, crypto disappearance β‚Ώ

Big Tech & Startups

Clubhouse accidentally leaked its own private messaging function (2 minute read)

Clubhouse leaked a messaging feature called Backchannel to some users last week. Backchannel is a way for users to communicate over text instead of audio. The feature was not referenced in the app's release notes and it was clearly unfinished. Clubhouse was quick to remove it from the app. It released a statement acknowledging the feature, but warned that it was in testing and might not become a part of the app.

Samsung’s Watch Active 4 leaks in new renders (2 minute read)

Renders of Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 4 have leaked online. It has an edge-to-edge display and two buttons on the right-hand side. The watch is expected to be officially announced during an event on June 28. This will be the first smartwatch from Samsung that uses the new Wear OS. Wear is based on Google Wear and it should mean better battery life and load times. It should also make the watch more accessible for developers. The renders are available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

A Bee Cloned Itself Millions of Times Over the Last 30 Years (3 minute read)

Female worker South African Cape honeybees can clone themselves, with at least one bee being cloned many millions of times over 30 years. They can clone themselves without experiencing the changes typically seen in reproduction. Clones can sometimes develop into a type of queen, leading to increased levels of dysfunction as the workers lay eggs and do not work for the hive. When a colony dies, the cloning workers spread to the next colony.

Stress study shows graying hair is reversible (3 minute read)

Scientists from Columbia University have identified the proteins in hair that drive the process of graying and demonstrated how graying might be reversed. The scientists measured hair color changes over several weeks along with the study participants' stress levels. They found a high correlation between stress levels and hair color, including cases where hair graying reversed after an individual's stress was alleviated. Mitochondria play a key role in the process.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Introducing the new GitHub Issues (1 minute read)

GitHub Issues is a new beta feature from GitHub that can be used for managing issues with a team. Users can create issues, break them into tasks, track relationships, add custom fields, and have conversations. GitHub Issues can be used to visualize large projects as spreadsheets or boards. Issues can be managed in browser, terminal, or on any mobile device.

Devtron (GitHub Repo)

Devtron is a platform for operationalizing and maintaining applications on Kubernetes. It features a zero-code software delivery workflow, multi-cloud deployment, an application debugging dashboard, operational insights, and more. Screenshots are available in the repository.

Kickstarter CEO: Let's try a 4-day work week (2 minute read)

Kickstarter plans to experiment with a four-day workweek to offer workers more flexibility and time. CEO Aziz Hasan was motivated to try out the arrangement due to the effects of the pandemic on the workplace. He noticed that other companies were also experimenting with alternative work arrangements. Kickstarter's newly formed union is supportive of the idea.

Founders of South African Bitcoin exchange disappear after $3.6 billion 'hack' (2 minute read)

Two brothers associated with one of South Africa's largest cryptocurrency exchanges have disappeared. The exchange claimed that it was the victim of a hack in April. It asked investors at the time to not report the incident to the authorities. A group involved with the exchange hired a law firm to investigate the incident. The law firm was able to trace the stolen money, but not the missing brothers. South Africa’s Finance Sector Conduct Authority isn't able to launch an investigation as cryptocurrency is not legally considered a financial product in the country.

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