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Inside Google's store 🏪, 10 story building in 1 day🏢, ancient giant rhino 🦏

Big Tech & Startups

Here’s what’s inside Google’s first-ever retail store (3 minute read)

Google has opened its first-ever permanent retail location in New York City. It features a natural look with warm wood walls and furniture. A giant version of a bead maze decorates the store. The Google Store sells everything the online store offers and it has experts on hand to help visitors with their devices. It has special areas that show off the benefits of each product line. An image gallery showing what's inside the Google Store is available in the article.

Google’s next big project could give Duolingo a run for its money (3 minute read)

Google Tivoli is a new Google service that teaches users how to speak a foreign language. It will teach foreign languages online through Search. There is little information about how the app will work, but it might be similar to Bolo and Read Along, two other language learning apps from Google. Google Tivoli is supposed to launch later this year, but as with all rumors and leaks, official plans may change.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Amazing video shows 10-story high-rise built in a day (2 minute read)

A Chinese company recently assembled a 10-story residential high-rise in just under 29 hours. Broad Group makes prefabricated building modules that when folded have the same dimensions as a shipping container, making them easy to transport. Each module has a stainless steel structure that includes wiring, insulation, glazing, and ventilation systems. The modules can be stacked up to 200 stories high and they are ready to use once they are connected to power and water. A 5-minute video showing the residential building being put together is available in the article.

Giant rhino unearthed in China was one of largest mammals ever to live (2 minute read)

A new species of giant rhino has been unearthed in north-western China. A completely preserved skull and jawbone was found in the Linxia Basin of Gansu Province, where people have been looking for mammal fossils since the 1980s. The giant rhino had a long neck, slender skull, and two cone-shaped upper first incisors. It would have looked more like a horse than a rhino, but with a head height of 7 meters. The rhino is estimated to have weighed about 21 tonnes.
Programming, Design & Data Science

xh (GitHub Repo)

xh is a tool for sending HTTP requests. It supports HTTPS, sending data as JSON or as form fields, downloads, authentication, proxies, and more. A GIF example is available in the repository.

gron (GitHub Repo)

gron transforms JSON into discreet assignments so that it can be grepped. It shows the data that is requested along with the path to the data. It can also turn filtered data back into JSON.

The Meltdown of IRON (7 minute read)

The IRON stablecoin was partially collateralized with USDC, with the rest coming from TITAN, a volatile asset. If the price of IRON fell below $1, arbitrage traders could buy it and then redeem it with the IRON treasury for $0.75 USDC and $0.25 worth of TITAN. This caused traders to dump IRON and collect risk-free profit, which then devalued TITAN to nothing. The smart contract that holds the USDC to be redeemed requires the price of TITAN to be above zero for it to be unlocked, so now all the coins are stuck. This could have been easily prevented with a code audit.

In Argentina, cheap government-issued netbooks sparked a musical renaissance (8 minute read)

Tech in Argentina has always been inaccessible due to the country's traditionally protectionist policies. Even when the government decided to distribute free netbooks to students, it was under the condition that the netbooks be made in Argentina. More than four million students received a computer between 2011 and 2015. The netbooks brought a new generation of artists to the spotlight. While the netbooks weren't particularly powerful, they opened up a world of creative ability for young artists. The netbook program was slated to end in 2018, but it has continued to run under a new government.

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