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Starlink inflight service ✈️,  Facebook Smartwatch ⌚ , remote surgery 🧠

Big Tech & Startups

Facebook plans first smartwatch for next summer with two cameras, heart rate monitor (3 minute read)

Facebook's smartwatch will feature two cameras on a detachable display. The device's front camera is designed for video calling and its back camera features a 1080p auto-focus lens. Facebook has contacted other companies to create accessories for attaching the device to things like backpacks. The watch will have LTE support, so it won't need a phone to work. It will come in black, white, and gold. Facebook plans to release the first version of the watch in the summer of 2022.

SpaceX’s Starlink is in talks with ‘several’ airlines for in-flight Wi-Fi (4 minute read)

SpaceX's Starlink team has been in talks with several airlines to connect aircraft to the internet. The company has an aviation product in development and it is hoping to release something soon. Starlink has launched nearly 1,800 satellites. It will need 4,400 to provide global coverage. The design for SpaceX's airline antennas will be similar to its consumer terminals. Starlink's satellites will require inter-satellite links to provide connectivity to airplanes flying over remote parts of the ocean. Competition is growing in the low-orbit satellite internet industry, but SpaceX appears confident that it can provide the best experience.
Science & Futuristic Technology

China's First-Ever 5G Remote Brain Surgery (2 minute read)

In 2019, a doctor in China implanted a deep brain stimulation device into a patient's brain to help control Parkinson's symptoms through a 5G connection. The doctor was 3,000 kilometers away from the patient. Since then, similar surgeries have taken place throughout the country. 5G solves problems like video lag and remote control delay, ensuring a nearly real-time operation.

Scientists Used CRISPR to Engineer a New ‘Superbug’ That’s Invincible to All Viruses (6 minute read)

All of life is made from a combination of 64 DNA codons which are translated into 20 amino acids by tRNA. Viruses use the same code to use a host cell's machinery to build the proteins it needs to reproduce. A team of scientists used CRISPR to replace redundant codons in the E. Coli bacterial genome with their synonyms. They also replaced the cells' natural tRNA with synthetic versions to read the new codons. As a result, viruses were unable to use the cells' machinery to reproduce, making the cells resistant to being hijacked by almost any viral invader. The results of the study have countless implications for the biotechnology and medicine industries.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Jina (GitHub Repo)

Jina is a fast, cloud-native neural search framework that can build deep learning-powered search apps in minutes. It supports all data types. Demos are available in the repository.

How to Review Code as a Junior Developer (6 minute read)

Reviewing code as a junior developer can be daunting but it has several benefits. It can help you learn the code base and also learn who knows which sections of the code best in your team. Giving feedback to your teammates helps you open yourself up to receiving feedback and hearing their ideas. Reviewing code helps you take ownership of the team's codebase. Asking questions, calibrating feedback, and emulating others is the key to developing good code review skills.

One Fastly customer triggered internet meltdown (2 minute read)

An internet blackout hit many popular sites for about an hour on Tuesday. The outage caused 85 percent of Fastly's cloud computing network to return errors. It was caused by a customer legitimately changing their settings. Fastly has promised to investigate the incident and figure out why the bug wasn't picked up during its software quality assurance and testing processes.

Facebook will let all employees who can work remotely to request to work from home full-time (2 minute read)

Facebook will allow all full-time employees whose jobs can be done remotely to request full-time remote work. It will also allow employees to request remote work across international borders. Those who want to work in an office will be asked to come into the office at least half of the time. Facebook plans to organize regular in-person gatherings for all of its workers.

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