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Bezos headed to space 🚀, Samsung's stretchable screen📱, Apple WWDC 💻

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Here’s everything Apple announced at the WWDC 2021 keynote (6 minute read)

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference was full of announcements with all the new things coming to its various devices. iOS 15 will be released in the fall with FaceTime updates, a Focus mode, Live Text, and improvements to Apple Wallet and Maps. AirPods will now work with the Find My app and spatial audio is coming to tvOS and M1-powered Macs. Updates to iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS were also announced. Siri will soon come to third-party devices, and devs will be getting some new tools and APIs. More details about the announcements are available in the article.

Samsung shows off stretchable OLED screen in prototype heart rate monitor (3 minute read)

Samsung is making screens that can be stretched in all directions like rubber bands. It recently created an OLED display that can be stretched by up to 30 percent while operating as normal. The display can be used to measure and check biometric data directly on the skin. It still works as normal after being stretched 1,000 times. The displays built with this technology are basic and can only be used for simple applications.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Jeff Bezos says he will fly into space next month (3 minute read)

Jeff Bezos will be flying on Blue Origin's first human spaceflight next month. He has invited his brother to go along, so the two brothers will join the winner of an auction for the July 20 flight. Bidding for the third seat has already reached $2.8 million, but it is likely to go higher during a live auction on June 22. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to Club for the Future, Blue Origin's foundation. Bezos has wanted to go to space for a long time, but he wanted to go on a Blue Origin vehicle.

First new Alzheimer treatment in 20 years approved (3 minute read)

Aducanumab is the first new treatment for Alzheimer's disease that has been approved for use in the US in nearly 20 years. It targets the underlying cause of the disease rather than its symptoms. While it is not a miracle drug, its approval will be a huge boost to dementia research. Alzheimer's disease affects more than 30 million people around the world, most over the age of 65.
Programming, Design & Data Science

ToolJet (GitHub Repo)

ToolJet is a no-code framework for building and deploying internal tools quickly and without much effort. It can connect to databases, API endpoints, and external services. ToolJet features a visual app builder with widgets, support for OAuth, query editors for all supported data types, and more.

Apple launches Xcode Cloud, Object Capture, Swift concurrency for developers (2 minute read)

Apple announced new developer tools at WWDC this week, including Object Capture, Xcode Cloud, in-app events and custom pages, and updates to Swift. Object Capture allows developers to create 3D objects within minutes from 2D photos. Xcode Cloud is a cloud workflow tool that enables developers to scale across the Apple product line to find and fix issues and for easier testing. In-app events and custom pages let developers better target and connect with users. Swift will get concurrency so that apps can take advantage of multi-core processes. It will also receive low-code tools.

A New Type Of COVID-19 Vaccine Could Debut Soon (3 minute read)

Protein subunit vaccines have been used for a while for diseases like hepatitis and pertussis. Novavax is looking to become the first company to release a protein subunit vaccine for Covid-19. The vaccine will contain the spike protein with an adjuvant that enhances the immune system's response. The spike protein can be grown using vats of cells or with genetically modified plants. There are currently at least three types of Covid-19 protein subunit vaccines in development.

YouTube’s TikTok competitor Shorts will soon let users sample audio from any YouTube video (3 minute read)

YouTube Shorts will soon let users sample sounds from any content uploaded to YouTube. The feature is now available in new markets as part of the launch of Shorts in the UK, Canada, and several Latin American countries. It will roll out to other markets in the coming weeks. Some creators have complained about the new feature, saying that it makes it easier for people to use their content without permission. Creators can opt out of the feature, but they have to choose the option for each video individually.

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