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Google Earth timelapse 🌎, stories based dating app ❤️, T-Rex populations 🦖

Big Tech & Startups

Google Earth is now a 3D time machine (3 minute read)

Google Earth just had its biggest update since 2017, with a new 3D time-lapse feature that lets users fly around the virtual globe and view satellite imagery from the past 37 years. Google gathered more than 24 million satellite images from 1984 to 2020 to create Timelapse. It took more than two million processing hours to compile the 20 petabytes of data. Not all places are ready yet. Google is pitching the feature as a teaching tool for climate change.

Feels is a new dating app trying to ditch swiping for Stories (3 minute read)

Feels is a new dating app with an interface that is more similar to a Snapchat-style story or a TikTok feed than the profiles found in other dating apps. It currently has around 100,000 users, with the company mainly focusing its efforts on the French market. The app tries to distinguish itself from other dating apps with its interface and controls. There are premium features that offer more visibility and the ability to swipe back to previous profiles.
Science & Futuristic Technology

2.5 billion T. rex inhabited the planet, researchers say (3 minute read)

A recent study estimated that 2.5 billion Tyrannosaurus rex lived and died in the roughly 2.4 million years that the species roamed the planet. The species had a population density of around one individual per 40 square miles. Around 20,000 individuals were alive at any given time. The scientists note that the precision of the analysis was low due to uncertainty about the accuracy of the relationship between the animal's body mass and population density.

Controversial 'Chimera' Embryos Made by Scientists Are Part Human, Part Monkey (3 minute read)

A study in China successfully created a chimeric combination of monkey and human cells. The study started with 132 macaque embryos injected with 25 human pluripotent stem cells each. After 10 days, 103 of the embryos were alive and still developing. However, by day 19, only three remained alive. The embryos were terminated after 19 days, in line with the experimental parameters. The experiment revealed several communication pathways that could be enhanced to increase the efficiency of chimerism in host species more evolutionarily distant to humans.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Livebook (GitHub Repo)

Livebook is a web app for writing interactive and collaborative code notebooks. Notebooks can be saved and shared. As code is run in a specific order, future Livebook users see the same output. A 30-minute video introduction to Livebook's features is available.

Introducing notebookJS (5 minute read)

notebookJS is a Python library that enables the integration of Python and JavaScript with a single line of code. It takes care of all the boilerplate code for visualization in notebooks, automatically loads JavaScript libraries from the web, and supports code split in multiple JS and CSS files. notebookJS currently does not support JavaScript ES6 modules.

Classify This Robot-Woven Sneaker With 3D-Printed Soles as "Footware" (4 minute read)

Adidas’s Futurecraft.Strung running shoes have customized 3D-printed soles that are made up of around 2,000 threads from 10 different sneaker yarns. The design process uses motion capture of the wearer's foot and feedback from the wearer to customize it to the person's specific gait. With Strung, each thread's properties are accounted for and serves a purpose. Adidas' robots can weave a pair of Strung sneakers in one hour and 30 minutes. It plans to bring the shoes to market by the end of 2022.

This is the best Windows File Explorer design concept I’ve ever seen (2 minute read)

A Reddit user recently posted a Windows File Explorer design concept that quickly gained a lot of popularity. It is simple and functional, incorporating new Windows 10 system icons and color-coded groups for files and folders. The design has tabs that allow users to open up multiple folders in a single view. It offers a cleaner way to deal with images, and there are nested folders on the side panel. Screenshots of the design are available in the article.

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