TLDR Daily Update 2021-03-24

Microsoft + Discord rumors 🎮, AWS' new CEO 💻, inhalable vaccines 😮‍💨

Big Tech & Startups

Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky is returning to AWS to replace Andy Jassy as CEO (2 minute read)

Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky will be replacing Andy Jassy as AWS CEO. Selipsky spent 11 years helping Jassy build AWS before moving to Tableau in 2016. Jassy has been with AWS since its early days, from its beginnings as an internal experiment on web storage to a mega division currently on a $51 billion run rate. He will be moving on to replace Jeff Bezos as Amazon's executive chairman.

Microsoft in talks with Discord over $10 billion-plus acquisition (1 minute read)

Microsoft is in discussions to acquire Discord for more than $10 billion. Discord had multiple potential buyers express interest. Some sources say that Discord might prefer to take itself public rather than seek an acquisition. Discord has about 140 million monthly users. It makes money by offering subscriptions that offer advanced features.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Scientists Created an Artificial Early Embryo From Human Skin Cells (5 minute read)

Scientists from two independent teams were able to coax ordinary skin cells into becoming living clusters that resembled fertilized human eggs. The clusters did not develop further as they were only able to reach the blastocyst stage. These were the most complete replicas of early human embryos to date. The reverse-engineered cells were astonishingly similar to their natural counterparts. They still differ from natural embryos in several ways, so the scientists don't expect them to be able to grow into complete embryos.

Lockheed Martin partners with satellite start-up Omnispace to build a space-based 5G network (2 minute read)

Lockheed Martin and Omnispace are partnering up to develop 5G capabilities from space. A global 5G network would enable users to seamlessly transition between satellite and terrestrial networks. Lockheed Martin has expertise in a variety of markets, with many customers from the Department of Defense. The project will be developing direct-to-device technology, so users will be able to connect to the network with any standard 5G device.
Programming, Design & Data Science

SvelteKit is in public beta (4 minute read)

The SvelteKit beta is now available. SvelteKit is a framework for building high-performance web apps. It features server-side rendering, routing, code-splitting for JS and CSS, adaptors for different serverless platforms, and more. There are still known bugs and several missing features.

Zoom now has an SDK for putting Zoom into other things (2 minute read)

Zoom has released a software development kit (SDK) to help developers build Zoom into their software. Developers can use the SDK to embed Zoom's chat functions in a variety of places without being tied to the Zoom Meetings user interface. Zoom is rolling out a centralized portal for developers to learn about and access available developer tools. It includes an analytics dashboard where developers can monitor how users are interacting with Zoom features.

Vaccination by inhalation (4 minute read)

MIT researchers have developed an inhalable vaccine that can create an army of T cells in the mucosal surfaces that are vulnerable to viral infection. The vaccine is modified to bind to a protein naturally present in mucus. It was effective in inducing a strong memory T cell response in the lungs of mice. These types of vaccines could potentially be used to treat or prevent cancer.

Samsung is reportedly working on a double-folding phone (2 minute read)

Samsung is working on adding a double-folding phone to its lineup. The phone will fold into three segments using two hinges. The design is still being finalized, but the screen will likely have a more standard aspect ratio compared to the Z Fold, making it easier for app makers to design for. Samsung might be skipping a new Galaxy Note this year. Chip shortages have affected the entire industry and may cause delays in device releases.

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