TLDR Daily Update 2021-03-18

Amazon healthcare 🧑‍⚕‍, artificial wombs 👶, hacking Google 💻

Big Tech & Startups

Amazon is expanding Amazon Care telehealth service nationally for its employees and other companies (3 minute read)

Amazon Care is rolling out for Amazon employees in all 50 states starting this summer. It launched as a pilot program two years ago. The program initially provided virtual urgent care visits. It has since expanded into more of a primary care service. Amazon plans to roll out the virtual care part of the program to other companies nationwide later this year.

Chrome can now instantly caption audio and video on the web (2 minute read)

Google's Live Caption feature is now available to anyone using Chrome browser. The feature uses machine learning to create captions for audio or video. It first appeared on Pixel phones in 2019. Captions will appear with muted audio. The feature only works in English.
Science & Futuristic Technology

This mouse embryo grew in an artificial uterus (2 minute read)

A team of researchers In Israel have successfully grown an embryo of a mammal outside of the womb for the first time. The mice embryos were grown using a machine that consists of an incubator and a ventilation system. In the machine, the embryos float in vials filled with nutrient-laden fluid while a wheel gently spins them so that they don't attach to the walls. Meanwhile, the ventilator provides oxygen while maintaining the environment's flow and pressure. The technique will enable scientists to study disorders affecting the growth of mammalian fetuses.

Previously unknown bacteria discovered on the space station could help grow plants (3 minute read)

The International Space Station has become the host for unique bacteria over the last 20 years. Four strains of bacteria have been found on the space station. The bacteria are from a family that are helpful to plants, promoting their growth and fighting pathogens that affect them. Three of the strains are new. They aren't harmful to astronauts, and they could potentially help the growth of plants in space.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Charts.css (Website)

Charts.css is a CSS data visualization framework that uses CSS utility classes to style HTML elements as charts. It supports many different chart types and effects. Examples are available in the quick start guide.

RCE in Google Cloud Deployment Manager (12 minute read)

This article follows how a flaw was discovered and exploited in an internal test version of Google Cloud Deployment Manager. The flaw allowed requests to be issued to Google internal endpoints through Google's Global Software Load Balancer, which could have led to remote code execution. The discovery of the flaw resulted in a $31,337 reward.

Intel hires Justin Long to mock Macs in throwback to 2000s “I’m a Mac” ads (3 minute read)

Intel has produced a series of ads starring Justin Long, who famously appeared in Apple's 'I'm a Mac' ads in the 2000s. The ads mock Apple's M1 Macs, satirizing Apple's earlier ad campaign. They point to reasons why Intel-based laptops might provide a better experience than Apple's M1 Macs. The ads can be viewed in the article.

UAE to test cloud-busting drones to boost rainfall (2 minute read)

The UAE is testing drones that can make clouds produce rain by giving them an electric shock. Cloud-seeding technology is already used in the country, but the UAE wants to generate more rain. The country only averages 100mm of rain per year.

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