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SpaceX Starlink on planes ✈️, regenerating slugs 🐌, seeing through walls 🧐

Big Tech & Startups

Apple and nonprofit Common Sense Media team up to provide kid podcast recs (2 minute read)

Apple is teaming up with nonprofit Common Sense Media to curate collections for kids that will appear in the Apple PodCasts app. Initial releases will focus on four themes. Subsequent monthly releases will focus on new themes tied to important and cultural moments. Show suggestions will start appearing now in Apple Podcasts' main homepage carousel. Podcasts for children have become increasingly popular as parents look for ways to keep their kids entertained without relying on a screen.

SpaceX moves to beam Starlink internet into cars, boats, and aircraft (3 minute read)

SpaceX is seeking regulatory approval to connect its Starlink network to cars, trucks, shipping boats, and aircraft. The FCC filing asks for a blanket license authorizing the operation of Starlink terminals on Earth Stations in Motion. Starlink has over 1,000 satellites in space, with at least 10,000 users. The vehicular user terminals will be similar to other terminals. A qualified installer will be required to set up the vehicle antennas and mounts.
Science & Futuristic Technology

The US Army's New Goggles Let Troops See Through Solid Walls (3 minute read)

The US army is developing Integrated Augmented Vision System (IAVS) goggles for infantry forces. The goggles will enable soldiers to check around corners, see in the dark, and see maps and other data on the goggles' lenses. Soldiers inside armored vehicles will be able to see through the walls of the vehicle using feeds from the cameras outside. The IAVS goggles are designed to perform like the heads-up displays used in fighter jets.

Here’s a Slug That Can Sever Its Own Head and Grow a New Body (4 minute read)

Scientists from Japan have found a species of slug that can self-decapitate and regrow their bodies from their heads. It appears that the slug does this in response to parasites in its body. The slugs survive without their organs as the algae they eat can temporarily power their heads with photosynthesis. The bodies do not grow back the heads, but they still react to tactile prompts and sometimes live for months after the decapitation. Images of the slugs are available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Taro (GitHub Repo)

Taro is a lightweight 3D game engine for the web. It features a 3D rigid-body physics engine, an entity component system, 3D positional sounds, and the ability to script game behaviors in JavaScript. Examples are available on the Taro website.

whereami (GitHub Repo)

whereami uses Wi-Fi signals and machine learning to predict your location. It works for small distances of between 2 to 10 meters.

SpaceX reveals the grand extent of its starport plans in South Texas (3 minute read)

SpaceX's proposed plans for its spaceport have been made public as part of the federal review process. The US Army Corps of Engineers is seeking public comments on the changes. A detailed architectural drawing of the site is included in the documents. The facility is compact, with all of the buildings concentrated within a couple dozen acres. The plans provide more evidence that Elon Musk is all in on Texas for the future of SpaceX. A list of the major hardware that will be at the site is in the article.

The pirate assembling a better sports streaming service (4 minute read)

HeheStreams is a service that streams live broadcasts of every NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB game on TV. It costs $100 a year, half of what the NBA charges for its League Pass, but without the bureaucracy and obligations to cable powerbrokers. The service is breaking all sorts of copyright laws. Local blackout restrictions and television contracts mean that consumers can't always access the content they want, which is why they turn to using alternative services.

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