TLDR Daily Update 2021-02-25

GameStop crashes Reddit 📈, LinkedIn's gig marketplace 💼, AA encounters UFO 🛸  

Big Tech & Startups

LinkedIn is building a gig marketplace (2 minute read)

LinkedIn is building a freelance work marketplace to rival gig sites like Fiverr and Upwork. The marketplace will connect freelance service providers with clients for one-off projects. LinkedIn has been developing the feature since September 2019, after the company acquired UpCounsel, a marketplace connecting freelance lawyers and clients. Gig sites have been a fast-growing niche, with both Upwork and Fiverr posting revenue growth throughout the pandemic.

Reddit recovers from hour-long outage amid heavy trading in GameStop (2 minute read)

Reddit experienced an hour-long outage on Wednesday afternoon as volatility returned to stocks, including GameStop and AMC. GameStop closed up about 104% on Wednesday. The firm's finance head recently announced that they would step down next month. Reddit's WallStreetBets forum has become famous for its recent hand in triggering a rally in many shorted stocks. GameStop and AMC are the most discussed stocks on the page.
Science & Futuristic Technology

New Study Reveals Why Whales Don't Get Cancer (2 minute read)

Whales experience lower rates of cancer than many animals. A team of scientists used DNA sequencing to map out whale DNA and found tumor-suppressing genes. The finding is significant as it opens up the possibility of using these genes in other animals, such as humans. It could eventually lead to an understanding of ways to improve the cellular mechanisms against DNA damage, cancer, and aging.

A solar panel in space is collecting energy that could one day be beamed to anywhere on Earth (4 minute read)

The Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module (PRAM) is a solar panel that is designed to send electricity from space back to any point on Earth. Scientists working for the Pentagon successfully launched the first PRAM in May 2020. Sunlight in space is more powerful than on Earth as it doesn't pass through the atmosphere. The latest experiments show that the 12x12-inch panel is capable of producing about 10 watts of energy for transmission. A scaled-up array of panels could revolutionize how power is generated and distributed around the globe.
Programming, Design & Data Science

My experience as a Gazan girl getting into Silicon Valley companies (7 minute read)

This post follows the experience of Dalia Awad, a 19-year-old female Computer Engineering student who was offered summer internships at Google and Awad became passionate about programming in high school while building robots for a competition. After completing a coding boot camp on a scholarship, Awad saw a Facebook post about Manara and decided to apply. Manara is a service that connects people in Palestine and the Middle East to positions at global tech companies. The service connected Awad to her potential employers and prepared her for her interviews. Thanks to the preparation from Manara, Awad now is able to choose from offers from two of the most famous tech companies in the world.

Reseter.css (GitHub Repo)

Reseter.css resets all premade styles and normalizes the browser's stylesheet, removing most inconsistencies. An example is available in the repository.

Report: Fry’s Electronics going out of business, shutting down all stores (3 minute read)

Fry's Electronics will shut down all 30 of its American locations. Employees of the superstore chain reported on Tuesday that they had been fired that day with zero notice. Some employees were tasked with shipping remaining merchandise back to suppliers for their last day of work. Fry's website has begun serving failure notices, but some of its subdomains remain active. The company has deleted its Facebook account and locked its Twitter profile. An official announcement is expected soon.

American Airlines Confirms Pilot Report Of Bizarre Cylinder-Shaped Object Over New Mexico (3 minute read)

On February 21st, pilots of an Airbus A320 flying over New Mexico spotted an unidentified cylindrical-shaped object moving at high-speed. American Airlines has confirmed the report and the FBI is now investigating the incident. The pilot said that the object looked almost like a missile and that it moved really fast over the plane. A 21-second audio clip of the pilot reporting the incident is available in the article.

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