TLDR Daily Update 2021-02-03

Bezos retires 👨‍💼, SpaceX Starship explodes 🚀, world's smallest reptile 🦎

Big Tech & Startups

Uber to buy leading alcohol delivery service Drizly in $1.1bn deal (2 minute read)

Uber will buy on-demand alcohol delivery platform Drizly for about $1.1bn. The acquisition will allow Uber to offer beer, wine, and spirits in the majority of US states. Uber has had to branch out to new categories of delivery due to lockdown measures. Revenue for Uber Eats surpassed rides revenue in the second quarter of 2020. Lantern, a cannabis delivery service launched by Drizly in May 2020, is not part of the deal.

Amazon will have a new CEO as Jeff Bezos transitions to executive chair later this year (2 minute read)

Jeff Bezos will step down as CEO and become the executive chair of the Amazon board in Q3 2021. Andy Jassy will replace Bezos as CEO. Bezos plans to focus on projects like the Bezos Earth Fund and Blue Origin. He has been CEO of Amazon since 1994, watching it grow from an online bookstore to one of the most dominant technology companies in the world. Jassy has been with Amazon since 1997 and has been CEO of Amazon Web Services since 2016. Amazon's cloud business has become a large part of Amazon, and to the internet as a whole. AWS outages can cause many services to go down for hours.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Newly discovered "nano-chameleon" is world's smallest known reptile (3 minute read)

A newly discovered species of chameleon is now the world's smallest known reptile. It may have the smallest adult males of any vertebrate, at 13.5 mm long. The chameleon was discovered in the northern regions of the island of Madagascar. Micro CT scans were used to make sure that the specimens were adults. The habitat of the new species is likely to be limited to just a few acres, putting it at risk of extinction.

SpaceX Starship prototype rocket explodes on landing after test launch (2 minute read)

A SpaceX Starship prototype rocket exploded on landing during an experimental launch on Tuesday. The previous test rocket was destroyed in a similar accident. Starship SN9 initially performed a flawless liftoff, but one of its Raptor thrusters failed when it began its final landing. Video and images of the explosion are available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

applied-ml (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a collection of curated papers, articles, and blogs on data science and machine learning in production. It could help you figure out how to implement your ML project by learning how other organizations did it. A wide range of topics are covered, including data quality, classification, regression, computer vision, team structure, and information extraction.

Glassmorphism (Website)

Glassmorphism is the name for the popular Frosted Glass aesthetic based on background blur and transparency. The effect uses stacked layers to show the depth and context of the interface. This site contains resources on Glassmorphism for designers and developers. It has a generator for creating Glassmorphism-style CSS.

Dogs have been our best friends for at least 23,000 years (7 minute read)

A recent study suggests that people domesticated dogs sometime before 23,000 years ago in Siberia. Scientists can tell how long ago two animals last shared a common ancestor by comparing genome sequences. Dogs and human groups tended to split or merge in roughly the same time and places, creating a genetic map of the two species. The evidence strongly suggests that the first people to enter the Americas brought dogs with them.

Amazon unveils its HQ2 and double helix-inspired building in Arlington, Virginia (2 minute read)

Amazon's HQ2 project will be based in Arlington, Virginia. It will include 2.8 million square feet of office space spread across three 22-story buildings. A fourth structure called the Helix will feature a walkable path design inspired by the double-helix structure of DNA. It will include multiple alternate work environments with plant life native to the region. The Helix will be open to the public for tours several weekends a month. A rendering of Amazon's second headquarters is available in the article.

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