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TikTok's Ratatouille musical 🎵, Tesla police cars 👮, Starlink ground station found 📡

Big Tech & Startups

First Model Y Commissioned as Police Vehicle in New York (2 minute read)

New York's Hastings on Hudson Police Department has commissioned a Tesla Model Y police car. It will be the first time a Model Y has been put into service. The Model 3 has been utilized by several departments for some time now. It is estimated that the Model Y will save the department over $8,500 over the first five years of its service. The Model Y is fitted with lights, sirens, and police radios. A 30-second video posted by the department showing off the new vehicle is available in the article.

TikTok’s one-night Ratatouille musical will star some of Broadway’s biggest names (2 minute read)

Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical will have a lineup of Broadway's biggest names for its January 1st streaming performance. The performance is based on Disney-Pixar's 2007 movie Ratatouille, and it will feature songs based on the original film. It will stream via TodayTix on January 1st at 7 PM ET, after which it will be available for 72 hours. Ticket prices range from $5 to $50. The lineup includes Tituss Burgess, Adam Lambert, Wayne Brady, Kevin Chamberlin, Mary Testa, and Priscilla Lopez.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Solar Power Beamed Down To Earth From Space Moves Forward (7 minute read)

The US Air Force is researching a technology that can harvest solar energy in space and then beam it down when required. Space-based solar power can reduce infrastructure costs and it also doesn't take up as much valuable land as other methods. The technology is available, with satellites expecting to launch in 2024. As the cost of Earth-bound solar power continues to drop, the need for space solar power isn't urgent. This research could result in technology that benefits many people, similar to GPS.

Canada Resident Finds A SpaceX Starlink Ground Station Under Construction (2 minute read)

SpaceX's Starlink received approval to operate in Canada in November. It is now setting up ground stations to connect residents to the network. Customers can still purchase a Starlink Kit to connect directly to the service. The equipment at the new site has labels indicating that it was only to be used for demonstration purposes. Pictures of the site are available in the article.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Placement-Preparation- Complete Roadmap (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains questions and solutions that can help in completing the coding rounds and technical interviews at tech companies. It discusses the best way to prepare for interviews, how to pick a language, how to study data structures and algorithms, and other preparation tips. Links to additional resources are available.

Tinker With a Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser (Website)

This site hosts an interactive in-browser neural network. Users can tweak the individual components of the neural network to visualize how it works.

China orders Alibaba founder Jack Ma to break up fintech empire (5 minute read)

Authorities in Beijing have ordered Ant Group to scale back its operations after an investigation into allegations of 'monopolistic practices' by Alibaba. China's central bank had declared Ant's corporate governance as unsound and the company has been ordered to return to its origins as a payment services provider. The company must stop its credit, insurance, and wealth management financial activities. Ant Group has said that it will try to work with regulators to establish a solution.

Ashes of Star Trek’s Scotty smuggled on to International Space Station (3 minute read)

Richard Garriot allegedly brought actor James Doohan's ashes with him during his trip to the International Space Station in 2008. Doohan, who passed away in 2005, played Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on Star Trek. The actor's son contacted Garriot prior to his trip, and despite there not being enough time to go through the official processes needed to bring objects aboard the flight, Garriot hid the ashes in some photos and then later hid one of the photos inside the floor of the station's Columbus module. A separate sample of the actor's ashes was launched on a SpaceX rocket in 2012.

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