TLDR Daily Update 2020-12-03

Galaxy Buds leaked 🎧, Starlink terminal teardown πŸš€, China lunar landing video πŸŒ™

Big Tech & Startups

Teardown of β€œDishy McFlatface,” the SpaceX Starlink user terminal (3 minute read)

This article contains a teardown of Dishy McFlatface, SpaceX's Starlink user terminal. It features a complete gallery of each stage of the teardown, with closeups of individual components and a short explanation of the process. A full 55-minute video is available.

Leaked Galaxy Buds Pro image reveals new rounded design (1 minute read)

An image of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless earbuds has leaked, featuring a more rounded shape than the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds Plus. The leaked images, including renders of the case, are available in the article. The Galaxy Buds Pro are rumored to have active noise cancellation and improvements to ambient mode. They are expected to be revealed with the Galaxy S21 phones in January.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Scientists reverse age-related vision loss, eye damage from glaucoma in mice (7 minute read)

Scientists from Harvard Medical School successfully restored vision in mice by reversing aging in retinal cells. The work shows that it may be possible to safely reprogram complex tissues to an earlier age. Reversing the cells' age resulted in reversing vision loss in animals with a condition similar to human glaucoma. It is the first successful attempt to reverse glaucoma-induced vision loss. The treatment involved using an adeno-associated virus as a vehicle to deliver three youth-restoring genes. It is based on a new theory about aging, which postulates that changes to the epigenome over time causes cells to read the wrong genes and malfunction.

Watch China's Chang'e 5 spacecraft land on the moon in this amazing video (2 minute read)

China's Chang'e 5 lander spacecraft has successfully touched down on the Moon and collected the first lunar samples in 44 years. A short video of the landing and footage of Chang'e 5 collecting samples is available in the article. The spacecraft launched on November 23 and touched down on Tuesday at 11:11 pm Beijing Time. Chang'e 5 will launch back into lunar orbit on Thursday and re-enter Earth's atmosphere around December 16.
Programming, Design & Data Science

9 Popular GitHub Repos For Every Web Developer (7 minute read)

This article contains a list of nine GitHub repositories that have at least 30,000 stars. Each item on the list comes with links and a short description of what is on the repository. Items include books, style guides, component libraries, checklists, and more.

How to Make Your Code Reviewer Fall in Love with You (17 minute read)

Code review conversations usually focus on the reviewer, and not around how developers should prepare their code for review. Improving code review techniques helps you learn faster, makes others better, and minimizes team conflicts. This article gives 13 tips for optimizing your code reviews. The golden rule is to value your reviewer's time, allowing them to focus on interesting parts of your code rather than requiring them to untangle code or police simple mistakes.

Meet the new generation of puzzle-makers bringing mystery to your door (18 minute read)

A new type of puzzle game gives players experiences where they need to delve into the history and reality of the world. Tale of Ord was an adventure puzzle that came in four separate packages which culminated into a final exam puzzle that required putting everything the players learned from the previous experiences to unlock a real wooden box. The industry has flourished in recent years, and the demand for puzzles has increased significantly due to the pandemic. This article discusses various new ideas for bringing the live puzzle experience to people in their homes. It includes several galleries of different puzzle packages.

High-energy X-rays reveal the secrets of ancient Egyptian inks (5 minute read)

A team of scientists used high-energy X-rays to analyze ancient Egyptian papyri fragments and found lead compounds in both the red and black inks used. This is evidence that lead was added for its fast-drying properties rather than for its pigmentation. Painters in Europe used a similar technique when developing oil paints in the 15th-century, except that the Egyptians discovered it 1,400 years earlier. Synchrotron radiation is useful for analyzing art and other priceless artifacts due to its high-energy and short wavelengths. Ink has been used to write for thousands of years, and revealing the secrets of ancient ink technology contributes to our knowledge of the origin of writing practices.

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