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Chipotle goes digital 🌯, Netflix shorts 🎬, UAE goes to Mars πŸš€ Β 

Big Tech & Startups

Netflix’s latest experiment is a TikTok-like feed of funny videos (4 minute read)

Netflix's latest experiment, Fast Laughs, is a feed of short-form comedy clips drawn from its catalog of shows. Fast Laughs offers full-screen videos that can be swiped through vertically, with engagement buttons on the right side. Its goal is to help users discover something new to watch. The feed encourages users to add shows to their Netflix watch list for later viewing. Fast Laughs is now available to a subset of Netflix users with adult profiles or profiles without parental controls on iOS devices. There are videos in the article that demonstrate the feature.

Chipotle to open its first digital-only restaurant as online orders soar (1 minute read)

Chipotle Mexican Grill will open its first digital-only restaurant on Saturday. The location will only service online orders and will not include a dining room or an area for ordering. All orders will have to be made on Chipotle's app, website, or on third-party delivery platforms. The restaurant will be able to accommodate large catering orders. Chipotle reported that its digital sales more than tripled in the third quarter and they predict that this year's digital orders could more than double last year's total.
Science & Futuristic Technology

3D printed tiles help revive coral beds in Hong Kong coastal waters (3 minute video)

Marine biologists and architects in Hong Kong worked together to develop 3D-printed clay tiles that help coral grow. Coral doesn't like sand, so the clay tiles were designed to prevent sediment buildup and to create a surface for the coral to grow. The tiles were seeded with coral and 100% of the coral was still surviving after two months. The team hopes that the tiles can be used to help other reefs damaged by pollution, fishing, and bleaching.

Pfizer’s announcement shows the promise of gene-based vaccines (3 minute read)

The announcement from Pfizer and BioNTech this week regarding their vaccine is good news for other coronavirus vaccines based on the same genetic technology. Pfizer and BioNTech's vaccine is a gene-based vaccine, based on mRNA that contains instructions for our cells to carry out. Gene-based vaccines are relatively simple to develop and manufacture. However, the FDA has never approved its use in humans. The data from the studies still needs to be reviewed and the vaccine has still not yet been approved, but in theory, they should be very effective.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Strategies I Used to 5x My Income As a Software Developer (6 minute read)

Increasing your rate as a developer will not only make you happier, you'll also produce better work. This document contains a high-level outline of a book on how to improve your career as a software developer. The book covers how to increase your charging rate, how to market yourself, how to optimize your resume, and more. An example resume is provided.

Git User Switch (GitHub Repo)

Git User Switch allows developers to switch user, email, and signingKey with ease. A GIF demo is available that shows how it works.

The flying car is here – and it could change the world (9 minute read)

There are many different types of flying cars already out there in the world. These vehicles have the potential to transform how we commute, work, and live. This article describes several flying car projects. The projects differ significantly in how they apply the flying car concept. There will be many legal problems to solve before the industry can take off, and manufacturers will need to demonstrate that their form of transportation is safe. There have already been incidents of these vehicles breaking flight guidelines and potentially causing accidents.

How the United Arab Emirates Launched a Mars Probe in Six Years (1 minute read)

The United Arab Emirates launched its first interplanetary orbiter, Hope, to Mars in July. It took over six years for the UAE Space Agency to launch the Mars-bound spacecraft, which is expected to arrive in February. Hope will remain in orbit and study the Martian weather system and how it varies across the planet. The mission is part of a wider effort within the UAE to engage the nation's younger generations in STEM fields.

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