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Tesla launches tequila 🍹, baby horse cloned 🐎, WhatsApp disappearing messages πŸ’¬

Big Tech & Startups

WhatsApp now lets you post ephemeral messages that disappear after 7 days (4 minute read)

WhatsApp users can now mark messages to disappear after seven days. The seven-day limit exists regardless of whether the message is read or not as the timer begins when the message is sent. Only group admins will be able to turn on the feature in group chats. Disappearing messages have become more popular in apps in recent years. Users can send disappearing messages on Instagram and Messenger.

Apple will require apps to add privacy β€˜nutrition labels’ starting December 8th (1 minute read)

App Store developers will be required to provide privacy information for their apps starting on December 8th. Apple's privacy 'nutrition labels' list what information an app collects and presents the information visually on the app page. An example of a privacy nutrition label is available in the article. Developers will be required to keep their labels up to date, making sure that users know how their information is used before any app is allowed on their phones.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Brain implant allows mind control of computers in first human trials (3 minute read)

The Stentrode device is an implant that has the potential to treat a wide range of neurological conditions using electrical stimulation. It is implanted through a keyhole incision in the neck, where it can monitor electrical signals coming from the brain and also stimulate brain regions that correspond with particular muscle movements. In its first human trials, the Stentrode brought about significant quality-of-life improvements for two Australian men living with motor neurone disease. A two-minute video showing one of the patients talking about their experience with the Stentrode is available in the article.

This Baby Horse Was Cloned Using DNA That Was Frozen for 40 Years (3 minute read)

Cloning technology has become more common since Dolly the sheep was born in 1996, with companies now cloning animals commercially. Recently, a Przewalski's horse was produced through cloning. The breed of horse hasn't been seen in the wild since 1969 as humans and livestock took over the land they inhabited. Scientists used cryopreserved cells from San Diego Zoo's Frozen Zoo to create the horse. The original horse was born in 1975 and its cells were preserved for 40 years before being used. When the cloned horse matures, it will add much-needed genetic variation to the species.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Super Tiny Icons (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a library of popular logos in SVG. Every logo is under 1KB each, with the average size under 465 bytes. The logos have a 512x512 view box and can scale up and down.

SvgPathEditor (GitHub Repo)

SvgPathEditor is an in-browser SVG path editor. Users can use the controls to specify a path or create an image using the graphical interface. Paths can be easily copied to be used in your own code.

Sustainable Iron Powder to Brew Beer, a World First Technology (2 minute read)

A group consisting of researchers, a brewery, and the Metal Power consortium have developed the world's first installation to brew beer using iron powder. Beer brewed in heat-intensive power plants have a particular taste, and this new installation can brew beer without any CO2 emissions. Burning iron fuel only produces rust, which can be sustainably converted back into iron powder. Power plants and heavy industries are estimated to be responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions around the world. The researchers are hoping to convert coal-fired power plants into sustainable iron fuel plants by 2030.

Elon Musk’s Tesla tequila will run you $250 a bottle (1 minute read)

Tesla now lists Tesla Tequila on its website, a reference to Elon Musk's April Fool's Day joke involving a liquor called Teslaquila. The tequila is housed in a bottle-shaped in the electric charge symbol and costs $250. It is produced by Nosotros Tequila. A picture of the liquor is available in the article.

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