TLDR Daily Update 2020-10-15

Zoom events Β πŸŽ₯, AI autocompleting video 🎞️, CSS ripple effects 🎨

Big Tech & Startups

Zoom is releasing a new tool to let paid users charge for admission to online events like conferences or fitness classes (3 minute read)

OnZoom is Zoom's new online event hosting platform. Hosts can organize free and paid events on OnZoom, with PayPal integration for ticket sales. It will only be available to paid subscribers in the US at launch. There are no additional fees for paid users to use OnZoom, but Zoom may take a cut of ticket sales next year. A new feature called Zapp allows Zoom users to open apps like Dropbox, Slack, and Asana directly inside a Zoom meeting. Zoom is also focusing on integrating online education tools.

Google applies its AI tech to reporting with 'Journalist Studio' tools (2 minute read)

The Google News Initiative has been fighting misinformation and helping publishers make money since its creation in 2018. Google is now investing in Journalist Studio, a suite of free tools available to reporters and media organizations. The new tools will aid investigative journalism and other projects by sifting through documents, images, and audio files and by making interactive visualizations out of public records data. Using AI to analyze data could be a huge boost to understaffed newsrooms. It can also pick up a lot of information that humans might miss.
Science & Futuristic Technology

First room-temperature superconductor reported (5 minute read)

Scientists have discovered the first chemical that superconducts at room temperature. It is still unclear exactly what the chemical is, and the process only works at 2.5 million atmospheres of pressure. To create the chemical, the scientists put sulfur and carbon inside a high-pressure chamber with hydrogen and exposed the mixture to a green laser for several hours. The resulting chemical demonstrated superconductivity, which was confirmed by testing its magnetic properties. Studying the material would require equipment that can withstand the incredibly high pressures inside the chamber.

Remove This! βœ‚οΈ AI-Based Video Completion is Amazing! (6 minute video)

For over 10 years, people have been able to remove objects from pictures using machine learning algorithms. While removing and changing still objects in pictures is now possible, achieving the same results in video has been a difficult task. A team of scientists has recently presented a new technique for removing moving objects from videos. The flow-based video completion algorithm can completely remove moving objects from videos, with significantly better results than any previous attempts. Many examples of the algorithm at work are shown throughout the video.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Dockerfile Security Best Practices (5 minute read)

One of the easiest ways to mitigate security risks is by following some rules when writing Dockerfiles. This article explains several basic security issues and how to detect them.

How to Recreate the Ripple Effect of Material Design Buttons (6 minute read)

Material Design's button component uses a ripple effect to give users feedback, with the animation changing position depending on where each button is clicked. An example of this is at the beginning of the article. This article explains how to build the button component using JavaScript. Other approaches to build the component are discussed.

Is wind power’s future in deep water? (2 minute read)

Hywind Scotland is an offshore location in Scotland that has five 574ft-tall wind turbines that generate enough electricity for more than 20,000 homes. It is the first floating wind energy array. The turbines are held in place with mooring cables attached to anchors on the seafloor. Floating wind turbines can access deeper waters, where the world's strongest and most consistent winds blow. They can be installed out of sight of coastal residents.

Proprietary Grapes Come With Draconian End User License Agreement (3 minute read)

Carnival brand grapes come with an end-user license agreement to stop people from propagating or reproducing any portion of the product. In the world of agriculture, patented seeds with specific restrictions are a real legal issue for farmers. Even seeds obtained through fruits purchased from produce stores are not exempt from patents. As seeds are naturally produced by plants and can be naturally distributed by birds, and plants can cross-pollinate with other plants, the legal implications of seed patents can be difficult to grasp.

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