TLDR Daily Update 2020-10-06

Venmo's credit card 💳, Apple Airpod headphones 🎧,  wild Tasmanian Devils 🦡

Big Tech & Startups

Apple no longer sells third-party audio accessories ahead of AirPods Studio announcement (2 minute read)

Apple will no longer stock Bose, Sonos, Logitech, and other third-party headphones in its stores. The company is rumored to be releasing its own over-ear headphones called 'AirPods Studio' later this year. AirPods Studio will be able to customize its shape to the wearer and it will feature an advanced equalizer aimed at professional users. Apple is expected to announce the headphones at a special event this month along with the new line of iPhones.

Venmo now has a credit card (1 minute read)

Venmo has announced a new credit card that can be managed through the Venmo app. There is no annual fee and it gives customers 3% cashback on groceries, 2% on transportation, and 1% for 'everything else'. The amounts and categories are subject to change. Each card will have a QR code on the back to allow other people to send payments to the card owner. The card will come in a variety of colors. Eligible users will receive offers to sign up for the card over the next few months.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Archaeologists find evidence of neurons in glassy brain of Vesuvius victim (6 minute read)

Vitrification is when organic matter fuses into glass. It occurs at extremely high temperatures, which many of the victims from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius would have experienced. Scientists found evidence of vitrified brain matter inside the skull of a victim buried in volcanic ash. It was estimated temperatures around the victim could have been as high as 520 degrees Celsius, but it may require more than just heat for vitrification to occur. Scientists are still trying to find out why the tissues didn't just vaporize when heated to extreme temperatures.

NVIDIA wants to make video calls better with AI (1 minute read)

NVIDIA Maxine is an AI-powered suite of tools for video chat that features camera adjustment, resolution upscaling, background noise removal, facial reorientation, avatars, real-time closed captioning and translation, and more. Developers can use the suite to add features to their apps. Maxine's video compression can reduce the bandwidth required by 90 percent compared to H.264. It uses NVIDIA Tensor Core CPU acceleration on cloud servers so apps can still use these features without advanced hardware. Developers can now apply for early access.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Beautiful CSS 3D Transform Examples (Website)

This page contains 12 CSS 3D transform examples. All the examples have just a single div and the code can easily be copied into your own projects.

Darling (Website)

Darling can run macOS software directly on Linux without using a hardware emulator. It implements a complete Darwin environment and attempts to fully integrate apps so they run like native Linux apps. Darling currently only has experimental support for simple graphical applications. It does not violate Apple's EULA.

How we built a $1m ARR SaaS startup (16 minute read)

Canny is a SaaS startup that launched in 2017, taking just under 3.5 years to get to $1 million annual recurring revenue (ARR). It was bootstrapped, taking no money from investors, and all of its growth came from inbound channels. The team employed 7 people when it hit $1 million ARR, with members distributed all over the world. This article follows the startup's development. It divides the journey into stages by ARR, and details what the startup did for each stage and the lessons learned.

Tasmanian Devils reintroduced into Australian wild (2 minute read)

Conservation groups have released 26 Tasmanian devils into a large sanctuary north of Sydney, Australia. The Tasmanian devil gets its name from its high-pitched squeal. It is known for fighting over animal carcasses, with jaws strong enough to crush and grind bones. The 1,000-acre sanctuary is fenced, with the groups hoping to release some of the creatures into unfenced areas in the future. There are fewer than 25,000 Tasmanian devils in the wild after a deadly mouth cancer drastically cut numbers during the 1990s. Another 40 are set to be released into the sanctuary over the next two years.

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