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Facebook's smart glasses πŸ‘“, China's reusable spaceship πŸš€, AI generated startup ideas πŸ’‘

Big Tech & Startups

Driving the Polestar 2, the first electric car with a brain by Google (8 minute read)

The Polestar 2 is a new luxury electric vehicle from Volvo. It is the first electric car to have a brain exclusively powered by Google using the Android Automotive operating system. The system can control everything in the car including temperature, navigation, and radio. It can be activated using Google Assistant voice commands but the software requires a working internet connection. The Polestar 2 features a 78kWh battery pack and has a range of 291 miles. Its engine can deliver 408 horsepower and can go 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. Images of the Polestar 2 are available in the article.

Facebook's smart glasses could give you hearing superpowers (3 minute read)

Facebook Reality Labs has developed technology that allows headsets to enhance targeted sounds while dimming loud background noises. At the moment, the technology exists as an in-ear monitor that pairs with an eye-movement tracking device. The eye-movement tracking device identifies what the user is looking at and amplifies the volume for whatever the person is focusing on. This could be combined with other technologies Facebook has developed to create virtual maps of both physical objects and sounds surrounding the user. The technology can be used to immerse people in virtual environments, creating sounds that feel like they are produced in real space.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Harvard Scientists Invent Materials That Can Remember Their Shape (2 minute read)

Scientists at Harvard have developed a material that can always return to its original shape no matter what stimuli is applied to it. The biocompatible material can be 3D-printed into any shape and further pre-programmed with reversible shape memory. It is made with keratin from recycled wool. A 1-minute video is available at the end of the article demonstrating the properties of the material.

China says it landed a reusable spacecraft after a two-day flight (1 minute read)

China successfully landed an experimental reusable spacecraft on September 6th after spending two days in orbit. The details on the mission are secret, but the mission reportedly represented an important breakthrough in China's development of reusable spacecraft. The spacecraft could be a rough counterpart to the US Air Force's X-37B spaceplane. China has previously stated its intention to launch an aircraft-like reusable space vehicle by 2020. The vehicle was deployed using the Long March 2F.
Programming, Design & Data Science

filters.css (GitHub Repo)

filters.css is a library for applying color filters using only CSS. Filters include blur, grayscale, sepia, invert, and more. Examples of all the filters at all levels are available.

Moon (GitHub Repo)

Moon is a JavaScript library for creating functional user interfaces. It features a small file size, blazing-fast view rendering, a purely functional driver-based design, and an intuitive and consistent API.

IdeasAI (GitHub Repo)

This page contains a collection of ideas generated by OpenAI's GPT-3. People can upvote and downvote ideas. Ideas are sorted by Top Monthly, Weekly, Yesterday, All Time, and New. Users can pay a fee to remove ideas from the website.

World’s first cloned Przewalski horse comes from DNA preserved at San Diego Zoo 40 years ago (3 minute read)

The world's first successfully cloned Przewalski's horse was born in Texas on August 6. It is a clone of a male Przewalski's horse whose DNA was cryopreserved 40 years ago. The colt could provide an important model for future conservation efforts. Genetic diversity becomes an issue as populations become smaller. Advanced reproductive technologies could save species by restoring genetic diversity.

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