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SpaceX hops spaceship ๐Ÿš€, wireless electricity โšก, Mulan direct to Disney+ ๐ŸŽฅ

Big Tech & Startups

Androidโ€™s โ€˜Nearby Shareโ€™ file sharing feature is finally launching (2 minute read)

Nearby Share is already available on some Pixel and Samsung phones and will roll out to other devices over the next few weeks. It will make it easier to share files, images, links, and other content between Android devices. Users will be able to set preferred visibility for Nearby Share to different levels, allowing them to stay hidden or send and receive files anonymously if desired. Nearby Share will share files with the fastest method available between the devices, even when the devices are offline. It does not work with iOS devices, Macs, or Windows machines but Google plans to expand the feature to additional platforms in the future.

Watch SpaceX ACTUALLY hop Starship SN-5 150m!!! (55 minute video)

SpaceX recently performed its first test flight on Starship SN-5. This video (previously live-streamed) shows SpaceX performing the hop. Starship takes off and lands successfully, with the test lasting for just over a minute. The link starts the video right before the launch.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Blood-thinner with no bleeding side-effects is here (3 minute read)

Blood thinners work by blocking enzymes that help stop bleeding after an injury, meaning that almost all blood thinners can lead to serious bleeding in the event of an injury. Coagulation factor XII (FXII) is an enzyme that normally helps blood clot. In a study a few years ago, scientists found that genetically modified mice who lacked the enzyme had reduced risk of thrombosis, a condition treated by blood thinners, without having bleeding side-effects. Scientists have developed a synthetic inhibitor of FXII and it is showing to be a promising candidate for use during lung transplants.

NZ to trial world-first commercial long-range, wireless power transmission (4 minute read)

New Zealand company Emrod has developed a method of safely and wirelessly transmitting electric power across long distances. Its technology appears to be able to move large amounts of electricity between any two points that can be joined with line-of-sight relays. Powerco, the second-biggest energy distributor in New Zealand, plans to use the technology to deliver electricity in remote places or across areas with challenging terrain. Emrod's initial prototype is only capable of delivering a few kilowatts of power, but it can be scaled up to transmit 100 times more power over much longer distances. The technology will work in any atmospheric conditions as long as the line of sight is maintained. A laser safety curtain is used to trigger a shut down if any object comes near the main beam.
Programming, Design & Data Science

How to Secure Anything (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a guide on how to secure anything, whether it is physical or digital. It covers best practices, defenses, vulnerabilities, and more. There are many resources linked throughout the repository and a section on recommended books at the end.

SVG Backgrounds (Website)

This website can generate full-screen hi-res SVG backgrounds. There are a variety of patterns to choose from and customize. The site provides the CSS output and a downloadable SVG.

Are Humans Intelligent? An AI Op-Ed (5 minute read)

This article contains an output from GPT-3. A variety of responses was generated but only one is presented. The output covers human history, a definition of intelligence, a comparison of the human brain with a computer, consciousness, and emotions. It is presented in an essay format with an introduction, a hypothesis, an argument, and a conclusion.

With โ€˜Mulan,โ€™ Disney Tests Out Entirely New Early VOD Model (5 minute read)

Disney will release Mulan on Disney Plus on September 4. Mulan won't be available directly to Disney Plus subscribers. Instead, they will have to pay $29.99 to rent the movie on top of the usual subscription fee. Many movies have been delayed due to the pandemic as cinemas remain shut down around the world. The movie will be released in cinemas where Disney Plus isn't available. Disney's decision to mix things up with Mulan may mean that other future releases may follow this model. AMC Theatres and Universal recently announced an agreement to debut some movies on home entertainment platforms within 17 days of theatrical debut.

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