TLDR Daily Update 2020-07-27

Galaxy Watch 3 ⌚, Apple TV's big hit 📺, lunar nuclear power plants ⚡

Big Tech & Startups

Galaxy Watch 3 app reveals new gestures for calls, taking photos (2 minute read)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 app has arrived at the Play Store. Two new smartwatch gestures are available. Users will be able to silence calls and alarms with a simple twist of the wrist. The second gesture allows users to answer incoming calls or take pictures by clenching their fist and then releasing. Samsung has implemented more accessibility features into its watch software. There will be new watch faces and users will be able to automatically shuffle through watch faces.

Apple eyes new streaming strategy after Tom Hanks drama breaks records (5 minute read)

Apple is considering releasing a dozen new movies a year on Apple TV Plus. They will include blockbuster-type titles as well as tentpole-like feature films. When Apple launched Apple TV Plus, its focus was on TV. It found success in movies with Greyhound, which was a hit even though Apple hasn't divulged numbers. Keeping subscribers with a low fee and a steady release of theatre-quality films will help Apple grow its service and keep it competitive.
Science & Futuristic Technology

U.S. Eyes Building Nuclear Power Plants on the Moon, Mars (3 minute read)

The US Department of Energy has put out a formal request to the private sector for ideas on how to build nuclear power plants that will work on the moon and Mars. The resulting reactor must be able to generate an uninterrupted electricity output of at least 10 kilowatts, cannot weigh more than 7,700 pounds, and must be able to operate mostly autonomously in space for at least 10 years. The reactors will likely need highly enriched uranium. The project aims to have a reactor, flight system, and lander ready by the end of 2026.

NASA Jupiter probe images huge moon Ganymede like never before (2 minute read)

This article contains pictures and a one-minute video showing views of Ganymede, the largest moon in the solar system. The images were captured during a close flyby of the moon by NASA's Juno Jupiter probe in late December last year. They show how the ice and area near Ganymede's north pole have been affected by the precipitation of plasma caused by particles from the sun and a lack of atmosphere.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Doing Stupid Stuff with GitHub Actions (4 minute read)

GitHub actions is a CI/CD platform that can be used to automate things such as building, testing, and deploying code. It can be triggered by any GitHub event. There is a marketplace for developers to publish their actions, which is linked in the article. This article contains five actions that show how easy GitHub Actions is to work with.

Awesome GPT-3 (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a collection of demos and articles about the OpenAI GPT-3 API. Demos include GPT-3 playing chess, doing math, writing Google ads, generating Python, and more.

In Cell Studies, Seaweed Extract Outperforms Remdesivir in Blocking COVID-19 Virus (3 minute read)

Heparin, an extract from edible seaweeds, outperformed remdesivir in tests of effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2. The spike protein on the surface of SARS-CoV-2 can lock onto a decoy molecule with a similar fit, neutralizing the virus. Heparin has been effective in trapping other viruses, including dengue, Zika, and influenza A. The treatment could potentially be made into a nasal spray that neutralizes the virus before it has a chance to infect the body.

Google reportedly keeps tabs on usage of rival Android apps to develop competitors (2 minute read)

Google employees reportedly have access to a program known as 'Android Lockbox' that allows them to see data on how Android users interact with non-Google apps and services. The program is apparently used to keep tabs on rival services. Google is currently facing an antitrust investigation in almost every US state. The investigations are focused on the company's search and ad businesses. Google stated that it is open about its data collection activities and that users have control over the usage of their data.

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