TLDR Daily Update 2020-07-20

Gmail redesign leaks ✉️, KFC 3D printed nuggets 🐔, AI conference speakers 💻

Big Tech & Startups

GitHub is done depositing its open source codes in the Arctic (1 minute read)

GitHub has completed archiving its data into an Arctic vault after delays caused by the pandemic. 21TB of repository data was written onto 186 reels of piqlFilm, a type of archival film that can be read by a computer or a human with a magnifying glass. The goal of the Archive Program was to ensure that future generations will have access to existing code. GitHub originally planned for the project to be completed in February but it had to wait for Svalbard to reopen its borders. Every developer who contributed to the Arctic Vault will receive a special badge to be displayed in the highlights section of their profile.

Leaked Gmail redesign integrates Chat, Meet, and document collaboration in one place (2 minute read)

Google has announced a redesign for Gmail. There are now tabs for Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet. Chat is for conversations with people, Rooms hosts topic-based conversations, and Meet shows Google Meet meetings and suggestions for people to contact. Users can combine functions, for example, collaborate on a document both over chat and video within the same window.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Japan debuts new bullet train that can run during an earthquake (5 minute read)

The N700S is a new record-breaking bullet train that can transport passengers to safety in the event of an earthquake. It can go up to 360 kilometers per hour but will be capped at 285 kilometers per hour during operation. The design is similar to previous versions of the train but with more focus on comfort and safety. It was entered into service on July 1 on the Tokaido Shinkansen line, which links Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka.

KFC is working with a Russian 3D bioprinting firm to try to make lab-produced chicken nuggets (2 minute read)

KFC is working with Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions to create the world's first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets. 3D Bioprinting solutions will print chicken meat using chicken cells and plant material and KFC will provide the firm with ingredients to achieve the signature KFC taste. The process uses animal material, so the nuggets it produces won't be vegetarian. They will be more environmentally friendly to produce than standard chicken meat. KFC hasn't announced when the nuggets will be available to customers.
Programming, Design & Data Science

ElegantTimeline (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a SwiftUI demonstration of a multi-faceted timeline view with interactions between the calendar, list, and app theme. It is designed for developers to learn how to implement similar features into their own apps. ElegantTimeLine features paging and theme changes, a sidebar with multiple functions, calendar and list interaction, fast scrolling, and more. Additional resources are linked in the repository.

Front End Interview Handbook (GitHub Website)

The Front End Interview Handbook contains a collection of questions that a developer might be asked during a front-end job interview. It is divided into three sections - HTML Questions, CSS Questions, and Javascript Questions. Each section includes linked references.

OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since bitcoin (5 minute read)

Using a small prompt that contains just a title and summary, GPT-3 can generate a whole article that can be mistaken as 'real'. An example is available in the article.

I attended a virtual conference with an AI version of Deepak Chopra. It was bizarre and transfixing (6 minute read)

The AI Foundation creates avatars with artificial intelligence that look and sound like the people they are meant to represent. Each avatar is trained by the person they emulate in order to learn to become digital extensions that can communicate on behalf of their real selves. If an AI doesn't know the answer to a question, it will ask its human about it at another time. Instead of replacing people, the idea is to use the digital personas to allow one person to do more work. The article describes a scenario where five of the digital personas are put together into a simulated meditation session.

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