TLDR Daily Update 2020-04-28

SpaceX survives cyro-freeze πŸš€, Apple's modular headphones 🎧, Pentagon releases UFO vids πŸ‘½

Big Tech & Startups

Everything we know so far about Apple’s rumored over-ear headphones (5 minute read)

Apple has been rumored to be making its own over-ear headphones for over two years. More details about the project have been revealed in the last few weeks. The new headphones will be designed to complement the existing Beats and AirPods accessories. There will be a premium version with leather-like fabrics and a fitness-focused model with lighter, breathable materials with small perforations. The headphones will have a retro look with oval-shaped ear cups and touch controls for playback on the side. Users will be able to customize their headphones with a modular design, allowing them to swap out parts like the headband. The headphones will likely borrow the latest H1 chip from AirPods and will feature noise cancellation technology.

Starship chilled. Starship pressurized. And for the first time, it didn’t explode (2 minute read)

SpaceX has finally completed a successful cryogenic test of a Starship prototype. The test was completed on Sunday in South Texas. SpaceX has lost three full-scale Starship prototypes during cryogenic and pressure tests since November 2019. The next step for SpaceX is to attach a single Raptor engine to the Starship prototype and conduct a static fire test. If this static fire test is successful, the vehicle will make a 150-meter 'hop' test. Most parts for the next prototype have already been created.
Science & Futuristic Technology

MIT muscle-control system for drones lets a pilot use gestures for accurate and specific navigation (2 minute read)

MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has released a video showing pilots using gestures to control drone devices. Pilots using the system can guide a drone through a series of rings just using hand and arm gestures. The technology allows for specific control, opening it up for potential use in industrial applications. The video is linked in the article.

Elon Musk wants SpaceX to launch the next generation of space telescopes (2 minute read)

Elon Musk announced in a meeting with scientists on Monday that he'd like to collaborate with astronomers on developing the next generation of space-based telescopes. Musk was speaking at the meeting to address concerns about interference from large satellite constellations like Starlink. The Starlink constellation has interfered with some astronomical observations over the past year. A potential fix was suggested that used sunshades to block reflections from the sun. Musk suggested using an orbital planet-imaging observatory to avoid the issue of interference from Starlink satellites. The Starlink network has grown to over 400 satellites, and SpaceX has permission from the FCC to launch over 12,000. Musk has previously stated that he sees 20,000 to 30,000 as the ideal number of satellites to blanket the planet in low-latency broadband internet access.
Programming, Design & Data Science

gmail-helper (GitHub Repo)

gmail-helper is a Python package that can complete helpful Gmail tasks using Google's API client. It can fetch created Gmail labels and persist to a local DB, get all Gmail filters, create/overwrite new Gmail filters, and delete mail based on search criteria.

Delta (GitHub Repo)

Delta is a syntax-highlighter for git and diff output on the command line. It is compatible with all syntax-highlighting themes available on bat. Delta features language syntax highlighting, within-line insertion/deletion detection, multiple insertion/deletions detected per line, and matching of unequal numbers of changed lines. Examples of Delta in use are available.

The Pentagon Has Officially Released Three Videos Showing UFOs (2 minute read)

The Pentagon has released three declassified videos showing Navy pilots interacting with UFOs. A spokesperson for the Department of Defense said the videos were being released in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether the footage was real or not. The Pentagon had determined that the videos did not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems and that the release of the videos would not impinge on any subsequent investigations. A link to the videos is available in the article.

Eight-year-old discovers iPhone Screen Time workaround to watch more YouTube (2 minute read)

An eight-year-old has discovered a way around her Apple Screen Time limits by using the iMessage App store. By accessing YouTube through the iMessage App store, the girl was able to keep watching YouTube well beyond her allotted app time. Children have always been finding ways around restrictions that parents place on them. Apple's parental controls aren't perfect, and iOS 13 was Apple's buggiest release in a long time. The company has since implemented new ways of developing and testing its software for the upcoming iOS 14 release.

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