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Apple buys NextVR 🎬, Tesla ventilators 🌬️, what people Uber Eats 🍟

Big Tech & Startups

Tesla shows how it’s building ventilators with car parts (1 minute read)

Tesla and other car manufacturers are building ventilators for the COVID-19 crisis. Ford is working with GE to build ventilators, respirators, and face shields, and GM is building ventilators and will soon be able to produce 50,000 face masks a day. A four-minute video is available that shows how Tesla is building its ventilators. Ventilators are being built using available car parts. Automotive companies stockpile parts in order to prevent shortages in their production lines, so they currently have a large supply of available materials.

Apple to Buy NextVR from Best Virtual Reality Platforms (2 minute read)

It has been rumored for months that Apple is planning to release VR and AR glasses. Some clues point to a 2022 release. NextVR allows users to watch events through VR glasses. Apple has acquired NextVR for $100 million. NextVR employees will have to move after the purchase is completed.
Science & Futuristic Technology

How to refuel a nuclear power plant during a pandemic (3 minute read)

Nearly 1,000 specialized technicians from around the US gather at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station near Phoenix, Arizona every spring in order to refuel one of the plant's three nuclear reactors. Under normal circumstances, this process takes around a month. During the coronavirus pandemic, the plant operators have had to change their refueling plans. The plant will begin the refueling process in early April. All processes will be designed to ensure that the plant will be able to run for the next 18 months, but no non-essential repairs or maintenance will be completed.
Programming, Design & Data Science

CS106A - Code in Place (Website)

CS106A - Code in Place is the first half of CS106A, a popular course at Stanford University that teaches the fundamentals of computer programming through Python. It assumes no previous background in programming and is open to everyone.The course will run for free (subject to availability) between April 13th and May 22nd. Students should expect to spend around 15 to 20 hours per week on the course. There will be a videoconferencing component for students to meet up in small discussion groups once a week with someone on the teaching team.  There is no grade or university credit for completing the course.

What happens when ... Kubernetes edition! (35 minute read)

Kubernetes handles the deployment of workloads across infrastructure using user-friendly APIs. Most of what it is doing is hidden from the user. This article details what happens 'under the hood' in Kubernetes after you enter in the command to deploy nginx to a cluster. It aims to help readers understand what Kubernetes actually does in order to fully understand the value it offers.

You can now deepfake yourself into a celebrity with just a few clicks (5 minute read)

A new iPhone app called Impressions lets you create deepfakes of celebrities with just a few clicks. Example videos are available in the article. Users just need to film and upload a short video. The video is then processed on a server and the deepfake video is returned in a few minutes.  Impressions stores user videos until they are deleted from the app.  Impressions plans to eventually use user-uploaded videos to develop deepfake detection models in the future.

Here's What People Across the Country Are Ordering on Uber Eats During Quarantine (2 minute read)

UberEats has seen a more than 30 percent increase in orders from independent restaurants since mid-March. Delivery fees have been waived for independent restaurants. Uber also created an in-app feature so people can donate directly to restaurants.  A list of the most popular dishes by state is available in the article.

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