TLDR Daily Update 2020-03-26

Netflix goes down ⚠️, Facebook Portal sells out πŸ“Ί, drone dogwalking 🐢

Big Tech & Startups

Netflix is currently down for many users around the world (1 minute read)

Netflix is experiencing outages around the world, mostly affecting users in the US and Europe. Many people are still unable to connect to the service. Netflix started lowering its streaming quality last week in several countries in order to handle the increased traffic from people going through lockdown or quarantine.

Facebook's Portal TV video chat device was mocked β€” now it's completely sold out (3 minute read)

People were quick to criticize Facebook when it first suggested the idea of putting a Facebook camera and microphone in their homes. Now, consumers have put those fears aside, and the Portal TV is completely sold out on Facebook's website and retailers such as Best Buy. Facebook Portal TV is a device that changes a TV into a big video chat screen. The other Facebook Portal gadgets are still available.
Science & Futuristic Technology

This footage of 'coronal rain' was recorded by Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory (3 minute video)

This video shows coronal rain on the sun. A bright bubble forms on the surface of the sun, raining matter back to the surface. The footage is taken over a span of 9 and a half hours. An image of Earth is displayed to show the scale of the structure.

Video Of A Drone β€˜walking’ A Dog During The Coronavirus Lockdown Goes Viral (3 minute read)

A video of a dog being walked by a drone during self-quarantine has gone viral. It is similar to the scene in Back to the Future 2 when Marty spots a drone-like device walking a dog. The idea is novel but probably won't work for most animals. The American Kennel Club recommends that people do not walk their dogs with drones.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Web Skills (GitHub Site)

Web Skills contains a visual overview of useful skills to learn as a web developer. It breaks down each topic into its key components and also provides links to begin learning each skill. The main topics include fundamentals, accessibility, web components, architecture, algorithms, databases, and more.

MVP.css (GitHub Site)

MVP.css is a minimalist stylesheet for HTML elements. It styles root HTML elements so that developers don't need to learn any CSS frameworks or use any naming conventions. MVP.css is designed to look good on all browsers and devices.

What it feels like to be laid off on Zoom during this crisis (4 minute read)

Many tech employees have been laid off due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the layoffs continue as the situation goes on. The tech industry has transitioned offline, using platforms like Zoom to hold meetings. Now the layoff announcements have moved to these virtual meeting rooms. Employees at TripActions joined a virtual meeting on Tuesday morning, along with around 100 other team members, and were told that they were being laid off. Companies are now downsizing in order to survive lockdowns. People are frustrated, especially at having to receive the news over virtual group meetings.

Coronavirus: Britons saying final goodbyes to dying relatives by videolink (3 minute read)

Patients are unable to see relatives as they die from the coronavirus as doing so could further spread the disease. Family members are turning to videolinks as a way to say their final goodbyes. Coronavirus patients in intensive care cannot be visited by families as the risk of infection is too great. Mobile phones and chargers are high-priority for COVID-19 patients in order to keep them from being isolated from loved ones. Health workers in the UK have suggested that drafting in volunteers to provide care for relatives may lessen the load of the predicted peak in the coming weeks.

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