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Big Tech & Startups

Amazon’s automated checkouts land in airports via Cibo Express (2 minute read)

Cibo express has confirmed its first check-out free store at Newark Liberty airport. The store will use Amazon's Just Walk Out cashier-less technology. Just Walk Out uses the technology used in Amazon Go supermarkets to allow customers to pick up items and just walk out, with payments debited directly to their credit cards. It meshes computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning technologies to accomplish this feat. Cashier-less stores are more efficient than traditional stores, making them attractive for airport environments where travelers are pressed for time.

Apple is working on a new iPhone app with workout videos, code-named β€˜Seymour’ (2 minute read)

Apple will be releasing a new app for the iPhone that will guide users through workout routines on their Apple Watches and iPhones. The app is codenamed 'Seymour' and is the brainchild of Jay Blahnik, a fitness instructor and author that joined Apple in 2013. Seymour will launch with iOS 14 and the next version of the Apple Watch software. Fitness has been a feature of the Apple Watch since its launch, and this move brings Apple into competition with companies like Peloton who offer digital content for fitness classes with a subscription. Apple's health-tracking features are currently free.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Kamikaze Bacteria: Dying Bacteria Self-Sacrifice to Save their Colony (2 minute read)

Bacteria have several strategies for surviving antibiotics, including developing genetic resistance, hiding in protective biofilm, or delaying their own growth. Scientists at Princeton and California State University-Northridge have found a new tactic that involves bacteria self-sacrificing themselves to save others. The scientists found that some bacteria would absorb large amounts of antibiotics so that other bacteria can survive. Identifying this behavior has potentially paved the way for research into new ways to develop antibiotics that can specifically target cells that aren't already dying.

Komodo dragon gives birth to three hatchlings without male partner (2 minute read)

A female Komodo dragon at the Chattanooga Zoo in Tennessee has given birth to three hatchlings without a male mate. DNA testing of the hatchling's DNA confirmed that the Komodo dragon conceived via parthenogenesis, a phenomenon where an egg fertilizes another egg. Komodo dragons are very aggressive and live in isolation, so they evolved to sometimes reproduce via parthenogenesis. Only male hatchlings result from this process, which has only been observed in 0.1% of vertebrates.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Google Open Source (Website)

This website contains a list of open-source projects by Google. Each repository contains most of the code for Google's open-source projects, with some omissions. There is a search function to search for code and files within the repositories.

Redwood (GitHub Repo)

Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, serverless web application framework that can build and deploy JAMstack applications with ease. It uses React, GraphQL, Prisma, Babel, and Webpack. Redwood features opinionated defaults for formatting, routing with dynamic parameters, automatic page-based code-splitting, boilerplate-less Graph QL API construction, and more.

Daniel Yomtobian Built An Empire On Dubious Online Advertising Traffic. It Finally Crumbled (12 minute read)

Google has been fighting to remove an extension that promised to convert pages to PDFs, but instead injected ads and generated massive amounts of invalid traffic. An investigation found that Daniel Yomtobian, the founder and CEO of Inc. was behind the browser extensions. Yomtobian had been running an operation targeting personal computers with adware for around 20 years. His extensions generated large amounts of false traffic, resulting in millions of false ad impressions. Last year, roughly $40 billion was stolen due to ad fraud. While it seems that Yomtobian's operation has been shut down for now, it is likely he will come back with another scheme.

NBA suspends season as player tests positive for coronavirus (2 minute read)

The National Basketball Association has suspended all games until further notice after a player on the Utah Jazz team tested positive for COVID-19. Two games were postponed last-minute, with stadiums already packed with fans. The NBA has considered switching to playing games in empty arenas. Rudy Gobert, the player who tested positive for COVID-19, had made light of the outbreak earlier in the week, touching all the microphones and recording equipment in the media room during a press conference.

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