TLDR Daily Update 2020-01-08

Parallel reality displays 📺, Samsung's BB-8 clone 🤖, Elon dances

Big Tech & Startups

Watch Samsung show off its robotic BB-8 lookalike Ballie, AR glasses, and exoskeleton demo (1 minute read)

Samsung held its CES 2020 press conference on Monday. The show featured robots, exoskeletons, AI, augmented reality, smart cities, and other technologies. The highlight of the show was Ballie, a robotic sphere fused with Samsung's artificial intelligence technology. It can recognize people, stream video, and operate smart home gadgets. A five-minute video showing these technologies is available.

Facebook executive: we got Trump elected, and we shouldn’t stop him in 2020 (10 minute read)

A leaked memo by a Facebook executive, Andrew Bosworth, talks about how the social media platform was responsible for electing President Donald Trump in 2016, and warned employees against using the company's power to stop Trump's reelection in 2020. The memo discusses some of Facebook's high-profile scandals. Bosworth claims that the reason that Trump won the 2016 election was due to him running the best digital ad campaign Bosworth had ever seen. While Facebook has enormous power to influence the outcome of the next election, Bosworth believes that the company should remain impartial and not interfere with the results. The full memo is available to read in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Delta’s ‘parallel reality’ display sounds like sci-fi, but it’s coming soon (10 minute read)

A display created by Misapplied Sciences and partially funded by Delta is able to produce multiple displays at different angles, meaning that multiple people viewing the same screen are able to see different displays. It works by having pixels aim colors at certain angles. Delta has combined the display with AI technology to create a screen that can show individual flight information at airports. Customers will be able to view a special screen which will, to the individual, appear to only show their personal flight information. The display is currently limited in the number of colors it can show, and people need to be a certain distance away from the screen in order to view the display correctly. Delta will be deploying its first parallel-reality display at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport later this year.

We ate Impossible Foods' faux pork and it was good as hell (2 minute read)

Impossible Foods has debuted its plant-based pork at an invite-only event at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay. In a review, the pork was sampled in a variety of dishes, including banh mi, meatballs, noodles, spring rolls, and shumai. The pork was described to be delicious and has the same texture as real pork. Impossible says its plant-based pork has 40 percent fewer calories than real pork, and it doesn't contain any gluten, animal hormones, or antibiotics. The Impossible Sausage will make its debut in Burger King's breakfast croissants later this month.
Programming, Design & Data Science

toolbox (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a curated list of libraries for a faster machine learning workflow. The list is divided into the different phases of machine learning development, and then further broken down into different steps, methods, and categories.

How to animate SVG signature (3 minute read)

It is possible to draw appealing animations with just a little SVG, Javascript, and CSS knowledge. This tutorial shows you how to create an animation using JavaScript functions to calculate SVG path length and CSS to animate SVG strokes. The final result, along with the demo code, is available to view and download.

Stripteasing Musk launches Tesla SUV program at new China factory (1 minute video)

This short video shows Elon Musk dancing on stage at the launch of Tesla's Model Y electric sports utility vehicle program at the new Shanghai facory as the crowd cheers him on.

New York Is Proposing the Creation of a ‘Public Venmo’ (5 minute read)

An estimated 14 million US adults don't have bank accounts, exposing them to predatory check-cashing and payday loan services. A new bill in New York proposes to create a publicly owned electronic banking platform and digital currency. The Inclusive Value Ledger proposal will allow citizens to transfer currency between each other without any fees. Local currencies were commonplace before the Federal Reserve Act centralized banking. The technology required to make IVL into a reality already exists. While the proposal says that the system will be secure, it doesn't offer more details about the planned security mechanisms or policies the system will have. The plan is supported by a coalition of community groups.

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