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Facebook's news tab, Netflix mobile in Malaysia

Big Tech & Startups

Netflix launches $4 mobile-only monthly plan in Malaysia (2 minute read)

Netflix will launch its mobile-only monthly plan in Malaysia for $4 a month. The plan will limit access to Netflix on just one mobile device at 480p. Users will not be able to cast Netflix to other devices. More than 88 percent of people in Malaysia own a smartphone and 78 percent stream and download media content. Other aggressively priced services in Malaysia include iFlix, Dimsum, playTV, and Astro Go. Netflix will produce original content for Malaysian customers. It has raised its prices to $13 per month for its most popular plan in the US. Netflix has missed its subscriber forecast for the second quarter in a row.

Facebook will reportedly launch a 'news' tab on Friday (2 minute read)

Facebook plans to launch a dedicated news tab that will show news stories from hundreds of news organizations. The new feature has been rumored for a while now, and it will put Facebook in competition with Apple and Google in the news-delivery business. Facebook approached news outlets, including ABC News, Dow Jones, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg, offering to pay as much as $3 million to license content for the news tab. Social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter have been criticized for not doing enough to combat the spread of fake news. The news tab will present high-quality curated news from publishers.
Science & Futuristic Technology

AI allows paralyzed person to ‘handwrite’ with his mind (1 minute read)

People who have been fully paralyzed by stroke or neurological disease have trouble communicating. Efforts have been made to create technologies that assist communication, for example, patients can communicate by moving a cursor on a screen via electrodes implanted in a part of the brain involved in motion. Using this method, people have been able to communicate at a rate of 39 characters per minute. Researchers used the power of machine learning to train a neural network that can read out sentences with 95 percent accuracy at a speed of about 66 characters a minute. The patient only had to imagine the trajectory of a pen to communicate. Researchers expect speed to increase with more practice.

Some of the universe’s heavier elements are created by neutron star collisions (1 minute read)

Scientists have confirmed that at least some of the heavier elements on the periodic table are created when neutron stars merge. Light elements such as hydrogen and helium were formed during the big bang. Elements up to iron are created by fusion in the cores of stars. Heavier elements such as gallium and bromine require a supernova. Gold, uranium, and other even heavier elements require a process called rapid neutron capture, where an atomic nucleus is bombarded with neutrons so quickly that it doesn't have time to split apart. Two years ago, the GW170817 neutron star merger was observed, resulting in the creation of a large amount of strontium. The observations also confirmed that neutron stars are really made of neutrons.
Programming, Design & Data Science

python-is-cool (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a gentle guide to Python features. Features such as lambda, map, filter, reduce, list manipulation, classes and magic methods, local namespace, object's attributes, and wild import are covered. Each topic is covered with simple explanations and examples.

Introducing Concurrent Mode (Experimental)

Concurrent Mode is a set of new experimental features that help React apps stay responsive and adjust to the user's device capabilities and network speed. It is only available in experimental builds and features are subject to change. In Concurrent Mode, React works on several state updates at the same time in order to make the user experience feel faster and smoother.

2nd most valuable U.S. startup to leave SF as city loses another headquarters (5 minute read)

Stripe is moving its offices to South San Francisco in order to expand further. It has stated that its primary reason for moving was a lack of office space. Over 1,000 employees will be moved to the new headquarters in the second half of 2021. Other companies such as McKesson Corp and Bechtel have also made the decision to move out of San Francisco in the last year. The city's policies are making it tougher for companies to stay. New obstacles include potential restrictions on office development and a proposed office fee increase. San Francisco has recently raised business taxes. Analysts say that companies are leaving San Francisco due to real estate costs and high wages, rather than taxes. Stripe will be South San Francisco's biggest tech tenant.

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