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New iPhone 4.7-inch iPhone, Google fined $170 million

Big Tech & Startups

Report says Apple to release new ‘iPhone SE’ with 4.7-inch display in spring 2020 (2 minute read)

Apple is about to announce its new lineup of iPhones. While the high-end models bring in about half of Apple's total phone sales volume, its cheaper models are also important to the business. A new report says that Apple will be launching a new 4.7-inch iPhone that will be priced similar to the iPhone SE at around $400. The new 4.7-inch iPhone will be similar to the iPhone 8, with a few differences, such as an LCD screen. It will likely feature the new A13 chip and have Touch ID.

Google will pay $170 million for YouTube’s child privacy violations (3 minute read)

The Federal Trade Commission is fining Google $170 million after its investigation into YouTube. It was alleged that Google marketed its platform to advertisers knowing that many channels were popular with younger audiences and that it used the viewing histories of children in order to serve them ads. The $170 million fine is the largest Children's Online Privacy Protection Act fine to date. Google will also have to change some of its business practices, including labeling content intended for younger audiences and halting data collection on videos that target minors. Comments and notifications will no longer be available on children's content.
Science & Futuristic Technology

An AI system identified a potential new drug in just 46 days (1 minute read)

A team from an AI pharma startup used an artificial intelligence system to examine previous research and patents for molecules known to work against a drug target. It came up with 30,000 designs for potential molecules within 21 days. Six of these molecules were synthesized in the lab and tested in cells, with the most promising molecule tested in mice. The whole process took 46 days. Getting a drug to market is expensive and time consuming. Drug companies have invested a lot in using AI to expedite the process.

Robot Room service At The Axiom Hotel In San Francisco (4 minute video)

The Axiom Hotel has a room service robot. It has an interactive screen which has instructions for guests to call it. When summoned, Astro moves to collect the delivery item and then to the elevator. The robot uses the elevator with some help. It moves to the guest's front door, and then there is a cut in the video, after which it shows the guest picking up their item after interacting with the screen. There is plenty of space in the robot to carry items. Once the item is delivered, Astro heads back home.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Node.js Developer Roadmap (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains a roadmap to becoming a Node.js developer. There are linked resources for most topics.

Google Interview Problems: Ratio Finder (26 minute read)

This article is part of a series that discusses interview questions that have been asked at Google in the past, with the other articles discussing dynamic programming, matrix exponentiation, and query synonymity. Interview questions should be designed so employers can make a decision of whether a candidate is worth hiring. The Ratio Finder question was chosen because it was a little easier, but still showed the candidates' strengths and weaknesses. Candidates were asked to design a system to convert between two units, for example, hands to light-years. While many will start thinking of a solution to the problem, strong candidates would think about how the program could fail. The success of the candidates depends on their ability to plan forward for potential problems, how complete the solution is, and what ideas they have to improve the code design.

Watch This Hong Kong Protester Instantly Neutralize Tear Gas (3 minute read)

A short video shows a protestor in Hong Kong neutralizing a tear gas canister by placing it inside a thermos and shaking it. The protestor reached out and announced that the dark substance seen being poured out of the canister was mud. Tear gas canisters contain chemicals that burn to create a reaction that makes noxious fumes. The fumes work on similar chemical receptors as ones activated while eating wasabi and mustard but are more potent. An expert on tear gas has confirmed that shaking a canister inside a thermos filled with mud would be able to stop the reaction causing the canister to burn, as well as clogging up any pores to prevent it from working after it is released.

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