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DoorDash acquires Caviar, Impossible Foods FDA approved

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Impossible Foods gets FDA approval to sell fake meat in grocery stores (1 minute read)

Impossible Foods has been granted approval by the FDA to sell its plant-based meat in US groceries this fall. The additive in Impossible Burgers that gives it a meat-like flavor and makes it 'bleed', soy leghemoglobin, has been deemed safe for consumers to eat. Competitor Beyond Meat already sells its plant-based meat products in grocery stores, recently selling out at some Whole Foods locations. Currently, consumers can only purchase Impossible Foods' fake meat at partnered restaurants, including Burger King, Qdoba, and Claim Jumper. The demand for meat alternatives is likely to grow as people become more health-conscious.

DoorDash signs definitive agreement to acquire Caviar, Square's food-ordering platform (5 minute read)

DoorDash has acquired Square's Caviar for $410 million in cash and DoorDash preferred stock. With Caviar, DoorDash will gain a portfolio of premium restaurants and technology. Square will continue to focus on building its two growing ecosystems, one for business and one for individuals. DoorDash is a technology platform that connects customers with local and national businesses by offering on-demand door to door delivery. Caviar is a food ordering platform that connects customers with premium restaurants for delivery, pickup, or catering. Square makes tools to empower businesses and individuals to participate in the economy, such as its Square Reader, a device that allows anyone to accept card payments using a smartphone or tablet.
Science & Futuristic Technology

NASA and SpaceX are Developing Tech to Refuel Spacecraft While in Orbit (2 minute read)

NASA's Artemis program is a collaboration between NASA and 13 private US companies with the aim of taking humans back to the Moon by 2024. SpaceX will be part of the Artemis program, developing technologies that will help spacecraft refuel while in orbit. Pulling away from Earth's gravity is typically where most fuel is used, so being able to refuel a spacecraft while in space would greatly improve the efficiency and range of space travel.

Scientists are making human-monkey hybrids in China (2 minute read)

Spanish-born biologist Juan Carlos IzpisΓΊa Belmonte, who operates a lab at the Salk Institute in California, has been working with researchers in China to create embryos that are part human and part monkey. The aim is to research human-animal chimeras for viability in organ transplants. Previous research into other types of human-animal chimeras has failed as the human cells were far too different from other animals' cells. While harvesting organs from human-monkey chimeras is probably not a viable option due to their size and how long they take to develop, the research may provide clues to crossing evolutionary barriers when creating other types of chimeras. So far, no human-monkey chimeras have been born, as they are only allowed to develop for up to two weeks in the lab. There are no rules for creating mixed human-monkey embryos in China.
Programming, Design & Data Science

React Hook Form (GitHub Repo)

React Hook Form makes it super easy to integrate and create forms that are fast performing and compact. A live demo is available. There is also a form builder to create custom forms for testing.

HTTPX (GitHub Repo)

HTTPX is a next-generation HTTP client for Python which aims to provide more functionality than the requests module. In addition to the standard features of requests, HTTPX has sessions with cookie persistence, multipart file uploads, streaming downloads, browser-style SSL verification, and more. It is currently in an alpha development stage.

Ninja announces he is leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer (2 minute read)

One of Twitch's most popular stars, Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, is leaving the platform to stream exclusively on Mixer. Mixer is a streaming service owned by Microsoft and was previously known as Beam. Ninja will continue to stream Fortnite and says that his streams will be the same on the new platform. Twitch has congratulated Ninja on his accomplishments in the gaming community. Fortnite has recently held its inaugural World Cup Finals in New York City, where Ninja was both a competitor and a commentator. Ninja has also appeared on the cover of ESPN and on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He will be appearing at Lollapalooza in Chicago this week.

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