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Tesla catches fire,  AI remastering video games

Big Tech & Startups

Tesla Model S caught on video bursting into flames seemingly on its own when parked (2 minute read)

A first generation Tesla Model S was caught on camera as it burst into flames in China. Security footage shows that the vehicle was parked and unattended when a fire started on the underside of the car, where the battery is. The car was not charging at the time. Tesla is investigating the incident. The fire destroyed the car and damaged the vehicles next to it.

Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media, Fearing More Violence (5 minute read)

Sri Lanka has blocked several social media networks after the attacks that occurred on Sunday. Officials blocked these sites as they feared that misinformation would be shared and cause further violence in the country. Social media has been blocked in Sri Lanka before in 2018 when a series of viral posts, which spread rumors and calls to violence, appeared to cause a wave of anti-Muslim riots and lynchings. While social media has been credited with creating some positive change, such as helping bring democracy to Sri Lanka after years of civil war, many countries increasingly see it as a threat, as growing research puts the blame on these platforms for instigating religious and racial violence.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Smoke seen for miles as SpaceX Crew Dragon suffers anomaly at Cape Canaveral (2 minute read)

Orange smoke was seen rising from SpaceX facilities at Cape Canaveral after an anomaly occurred during a test of a Crew Dragon spacecraft. No injuries were reported and SpaceX was able to contain the anomaly. While it is unknown which Crew Dragon was being tested, all Crew Dragon spaceship engines are currently undergoing rounds of tests to evaluate readiness and performance. Crew Dragon’s development timeline will likely be modified after an investigation into the incident.

Artificial Intelligence is Helping Old Video Games Look Likes New (6 minute read)

AI upscaling is the name of the technique where AI is used to convert low-quality images into higher quality images. It is able to produce drastically improved graphics and has been used to make older, lower resolution games look new. Creating the right algorithm takes time and effort, but a single modder is able to upgrade the graphics in a game within a few weeks of work. AI Upscaling uses Generative Adversarial Networks to train algorithms to tell the difference between low-quality and high-quality images. The generated images are not perfect, and many require post-processing.
Programming, Design & Data Science

sshcode (GitHub Repo)

sshcode is a command-line interface that installs a code-server over SSH. Extensions and settings are automatically uploaded, so remote servers can easily be used as VS code hosts. Chrome is recommended as sshcode is able to open the browser in app mode, meaning that there are no keybind conflicts or indication that a browser is being used.

Commit messages guide (GitHub Repo)

This repository is a guide for users on how to write commit messages. It goes through what a commit message is, why it is important to write good commit messages, best practices, and tips on how to plan and write good commit histories. The guide is available in five languages.

Ask HN: One-person SaaS apps that are profitable? (HackerNews Thread)

A user asks whether one-person SaaS apps are profitable as they are looking for inspiration for a side project. Top commenters have successful SaaS businesses that earn over $30,000 a month, and these threads have many users asking for further details and tips on how to build a business. The commenters who have these businesses all mention that it is a full-time job, and not their side projects. They also mention that it takes some time before their business took off. It is recommended that SaaS providers cater to businesses rather than individuals, as it becomes much more profitable.

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