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Musk's memo, Microsoft's AI business school

Big Tech & Startups

Microsoft launches business school focused on AI strategy, culture and responsibility (5 minute read)

There is a need for business leaders to understand AI and how it can be used, as more companies start to integrate the technology into their practices. Microsoft has launched the Microsoft AI Business School, which is a free master class series to show business leaders how to lead with confidence in the age of AI. The course is non-technical and focuses on strategy, culture, and responsibility. It uses case studies of companies which have completed the transition to using AI technology to demonstrate how to successfully implement AI in their business.

Read Elon Musk’s memo to employees explaining that Tesla will not close all its stores as it previously said (2 minute read)

When Elon Musk announced the release of the $35,000 Model 3, he also announced the closing down of Tesla’s retail stores. In an email on March 10, this decision was reversed. The email said that the 10% of stores that have already closed down were due to be shut down anyway and that only another 20% of stores were under review. As a result of the new decision, the prices of most vehicles will rise 3% after March 18, but the base Model 3 will remain at the $35,000 price mark. Sales will continue to be online only, which means that Tesla sales staff will guide customers on how to order their cars online if they wish to purchase in a store.
Science & Futuristic Technology

23andMe Plans New Genetic Test on Risk of Getting Diabetes (1 minute read)

In an effort to combat preventable diseases, 23andMe will start testing customers for diabetes and other health conditions with their Health and Ancestry Service test. The test will not indicate whether a person has diabetes or whether they will definitely get it, but it will indicate whether the person is at risk of developing the disease. Even if a person carries a high risk of developing diabetes, it can be prevented or managed with a healthy lifestyle, especially if the risk is detected early. The 23andMe test results will include information and tips on how to prevent the condition and improve wellness.
Programming, Design & Data Science

KeyDB (GitHub Repo)

KeyDB is a high-performance fork of Redis, an in-memory database, which focuses on multithreading, memory efficiency, and high throughput. It can perform twice as many queries per second as Redis, with 60% lower latency. KeyDB was created as the developers of Redis have stated that they will not support multithreading and the KeyDB team wanted open-source implementations of features from proprietary modules. (GitHub Repo) is a script that will take control over a running Linux system remotely, allowing admins to log into an in-memory rescue environment. Users will be able to remotely unmount the root file system and replace a distro without needing to have physical access to a machine. It is recommended that the script is only run by people who know what they are doing as much of the script is experimental. The instructions are written ambiguously on purpose in order to prevent inexperienced users from being able to use the script.

OpenAI launches new company for funding safe artificial general intelligence (3 minute read)

OpenAI, a non-profit organization created in 2015 to ensure AI benefits humanity, today announced the creation of OpenAI LP, a for-profit company that is owned and controlled by the OpenAI board of directors. The goal of creating the new company was to accelerate the development of a safe Artificial General Intelligence system. Investors in OpenAI LP will have pre-negotiated caps in their returns, and any excess profit will be donated to the OpenAI project. As OpenAI LP focuses on the development of safe AI technologies, OpenAI will continue to focus on educational programs and policy initiatives.

NGINX to Join F5: Proud to Finish One Chapter and Excited to Start the Next (5 minute read)

Gus Robertson, the CEO of NGINX announces the acquisition of NGINX by F5. He reflects on the history of the company and the challenge of finding a commercial offering based around a web server. NGINX is used by over 364 million sites, including nearly 67% of the highest traffic sites on the internet. The acquisition by F5 has huge potential, as F5 is the industry leader in application infrastructure for network and security teams and NGINX is the industry leader in application infrastructure for developer and DevOps teams. F5 will continue to keep the NGINX brand open-source, which was a core part of the deal.

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