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Apple News' demands 📰, Reddit's userbase stats 📊, in-womb surgery 👶

Big Tech & Startups

Reddit users are the least valuable of any social network (1 minute read)

Reddit’s recent funding of $300 million puts the company at valuation of $3 billion. However, its 330 million monthly active users have an average revenue per user (ARPU) of around $0.30. This is significantly lower than other social networks. For example, Twitter’s ARPU sits around $9.48 and Facebook’s ARPU is around $7.37. Half of Reddit users are between 18 and 24, and Reddit plans to use its valuable demographic to appeal to advertisers.

Apple reportedly demanding a staggering 50 percent of revenue with ‘Netflix for news’ subscription (2 minute read)

Publishers are not happy with Apple’s proposed payment structure for their upcoming subscription news service. Users are likely to pay a $10 monthly fee, and Apple plans to take 50% of the fee while distributing the rest according to the time users spend on each publisher’s content. While Apple’s demands may seem high, the strategy has been successful in the past with its music service.
Science & Futuristic Technology

An AI system can diagnose childhood diseases better than some doctors (1 minute read)

A medical center in China has developed an AI system that was better than junior doctors in diagnosing a range of illnesses in children. The system was able to diagnose diseases with 90-97% accuracy. While junior doctors were less accurate in diagnosing illnesses than the AI system, senior doctors were able to to diagnoses illnesses at a much higher success rate. This technology, while still far from being able to replace actual doctors, can potentially be a useful tool in aiding doctors and nurses when performing triage, especially in emergency care situations.

Baby treated from inside womb for pioneering surgery to repair spinal cord (2 minute read)

An unborn baby diagnosed with spina bifida was treated inside the womb in a groundbreaking procedure. After the baby was diagnosed with the condition, the parents were told that they could only either terminate the pregnancy or continue without intervention, but after undergoing several tests, doctors offered the possibility of surgery. The baby was at 24 weeks gestation when the procedure was performed. Spina bifida affects around 700-900 pregnancies a year in the UK, and may be a result of a folic acid deficiency in pregnant women.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Nginx Quick Reference (GitHub Repo)

Nginx is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, a mail proxy server, and a generic TCP/UDP proxy server. This GitHub repository contains a quick reference to setting up and operating an Nginx server. It is recommended that the guide is used as a reference, rather than a complete walk-through, as it recommends a restrictive setup which may not be what is required for all servers.

Ludwig (GitHub Repo)

Ludwig is a toolbox built on top of Tensorflow that allows users to run machine learning models without any coding required. Users only need to provide a CSV of their data with desired inputs and outputs. Ludwig is able to train machine learning models and use the models to predict data. Users can also use Ludwig to visualize data.

What It’s Like to Work Inside Apple’s ‘Black Site’ (7 minute read)

While Apple’s main campus in Cupertino is widely known for its large, well-designed, and employee focused facilities, its lesser-known ‘Black Site’ offices 6 miles away show a completely different side of the tech giant. The office, which mainly houses contractors, is much smaller, with under-stocked vending machines and insufficient facilities. A past employee who worked at the facility shares their experience working on the site, documenting a side of Apple that most people who aspire to work for the company do not know.

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