TLDR Daily Update 2019-01-08

Apple trolls Google 😂, CES begins 🤖, GitHub's free repos 💻

Big Tech & Startups

Elon Musk breaks ground on Tesla's Shanghai factory (2 minute read)

Tesla has started construction on a $140 million Shanghai factory. In October, they said that they were operating at a 55-60% cost disadvantage in China due to transport costs, tariffs, and Chinese cash incentives. This new factory will help them close that gap, and it is expected to start producing cars in the second half of 2019, starting at 3,000 Model 3's per week and eventually producing 500,000 vehicles per year.

CES 2019 Liveblog (5 minute read)

The Consumer Electronics Show started today, Hyundai debuted a concept car that "walks" like an insect, the wheels are attached to legs so it can get through extremely rocky terrain (there's a video in the article), Samsung debuted a 98-inch 8k TV available for pre-order for $15,000, Bell Helicopter debuted a prototype for a flying taxi that can fly at 150 mph for 150 miles. HTC debuted the Vive Pro Eye, a high end VR headset with built in eye tracking so you don't have to move your head as much. There was also an underwater drone, micro-LED screens (brighter and longer lasting than OLED TVs), LG's foldable TV, and even a bread-baking robot.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Electric nanoparticles can target and kill cancer cells by zapping them (2 minute read)

One way to kill cancer cells is to zap them with a current, but the problem is that it's hard to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. Scientists have figured out a way to attach nanoparticles to cancer cells by coating them with antibodies. Then, they bombard these nanoparticles with ultrasound to generate a current, causing them to zap the cancer cells they are attached to. The researchers have demonstrated this technique on brain tumors grown in a lab, a big step forward in nanomedicine, but there's still a ways to go before it can be done in a real live person.

NASA's new planet-hunting spacecraft TESS has found its third distant world (2 minute read)

NASA's TESS satellite has found a planet orbiting a small star just 53 light years away. The TESS satellite is the successor to the old Kepler satellite which also discovered planets, TESS is slightly different in that it looks specifically for close-by planets so we can examine them, measure their mass, and determine what is in their atmosphere. The newly discovered planet has a temperature of 300 degress Fahrenheit, is gaseous, and is roughly 23 times the size of Earth.
Programming, Design & Data Science

GitHub Free (Announcement)

GitHub is giving everybody free private repositories with up to three collaborators per repo. Pretty awesome, the announcement post is pretty short because a blog leaked the information a day early, this was actually meant to be announced tomorrow.

MKCert (GitHub Repo)

This is a simple command line tool that creates local certs so you can use https://localhost instead of http://localhost. I don't know enough about security to understand how this works, but it looks really easy to set up.

Hey From The Future (Web App)

This is a cool app that lets you select your age and see advice that older people have left for people that are your age. You can also sign up to leave and upvote advice for people younger than you.

Apple trolled Google with a massive billboard at the world's biggest tech show, which it's not even attending (2 minute read)

Google took out an ad on the Vegas monorail system for the CES conference advertising Google Assistant. Apple took out a gigantic ad on the side of a hotel right next to the monorail that says "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone" with a link to Apple's privacy page.

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