TLDR Daily Update 2018-12-18

Google's NYC campus 🏒, Samsung's hologram phone πŸ“±, Bezos & Musk launch πŸš€

Big Tech & Startups

Google to invest $1 billion in new campus in New York City (2 minute read)

Google will invest $1 billion in a new 1.7 million square foot "Google Hudson Square" campus on New York City's Hudson Street. They will move into the buildings by 2020. Earlier this year Google purchased Chelsea Market near NYC's Hudson River for $2.4 billion. They plan on doubling their NYC headcount of 7,000 over the next 10 years.

Samsung Patents Phone Display That Projects Star Wars-Like Holograms (2 minute read)

Samsung has patented a new holographic device that will project high quality 3D images into the air R2D2 style without you having to look at it from a specific angle. The light beams are reflected by a series of micro-lens arrays that supposedly cause the light to focus into a 3D image in mid-air. File this one in the I'll believe it when I see it category.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Blue Origin NS-10 (Livestream)

It's a big day for billionaires with rockets folks! Jeff Bezos' rocket company Blue Origin is set to launch their New Shepard 10 rocket at 9:30 AM EST (3 hours and 30 minutes after you receive this email). Blue Origin says that they may begin to sell tickets for flights on their New Shepard rockets very soon. Jeff Bezos says "I'm hopeful it will happen in 2019. I was hopeful it would happen in 2018. I keep telling the team that it’s not a race. I want this to be the safest space vehicle in history."

GPS III SV01 Mission (Livestream)

This is the Youtube live stream for SpaceX's launch of the US Air Force's first GPS III space vehicle. The launch will start at 9:11 AM EST (3 hours and 11 minutes after you receive this email)!
Programming, Design & Data Science

Pampy (GitHub Repo)

This is a small Python utility library that makes pattern matching readable and fast. The syntax is really elegant, the whole library is only 150 lines, and there's also a Javascript version.

KubeDB (Open Source)

This is a tool to easily run production grade databases on Kubernetes. It includes monitoring, period backups, restoring from backups, integration with Prometheus, and an easy-to-use CLI. It currently supports Postgres, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, and Memcached.

Dense Discovery (Newsletter)

Dense Discovery is a weekly newsletter with app/tool recommendations, interesting opinion articles, design inspiration and more. It's sort of like a more high-brow version of TLDR.

Elon Musk keeps word on Tesla's "Romance Mode" and "Toilet Humor" Easter Eggs (1 minute read)

Tesla has rolled out its new software update that includes a "Romance Mode" where the center display turns into a fireplace (complete with crackling fire sounds) and starts playing Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. It also has a "Toilet Humor" mode, which causes the car to fart at random. There are videos in the article of both of these new Easter Eggs in action.

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