TLDR Daily Update 2018-12-04

Microsoft's new browser 💻, Tumblr bans adult content 🍆, SpaceX's record-breaking launch 🚀

Big Tech & Startups

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th (1 minute read)

After being briefly removed from the iOS App Store for child pornography, Tumblr said in a blog post "Adult content will no longer be allowed here." After December 17th, any explicit posts will be flagged and deleted by algorithms. Users will be able to appeal decisions that they believe the algorithm has made in error.

Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser that will replace Edge on Windows 10 (1 minute read)

It looks like Microsoft is throwing in the towel on the Edge browser and it's rendering engine EdgeHTML and is now building a new browser based on Chromium, the open source rendering engine that powers Google's Chrome browser. This new browser, code named Anaheim, will eventually replace Edge as the default on Windows 10.
Science & Futuristic Technology

SpaceX Rocket Makes Historic 3rd Launch Into Space with 64 Satellites On Board (2 minute read)

SpaceX launched a record 64 small satellites into orbit at once today, on its record 19th launch of the year. It also launched the Falcon 9 for the third time, a record for reusability. The Elon Musk says that the Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket should be capable of at least 100 flights over its lifetime, and it should be able to launch, land and launch again within 24 hours as early as next year.

Despite CRISPR baby controversy, Harvard University will begin gene-editing sperm (3 minute read)

After a Chinese scientist caused an uproar by using CRISPR to edit the genes of two twin girls' embryos last week, Harvard researcher Werner Neuhausser is now planning to use CRISPR to edit the genes of a sperm cell in order to try to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's later in life. However, in this case no embryos are involved, there will be no attempt to make a baby from these sperm cells, they just want to test if they can edit the DNA. Harvard Medical School dean George Daley delivered a speech last week saying that the technology for gene editing is rapidly getting better and safer, and it will be justified to explore use in children soon. He believes that the technology could and should be used to remove childhood cancer, cystic fibrosis, and Alzheimer's from tomorrow's kids.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Data Eng Weekly (Newsletter)

Data Eng Weekly is an excellent newsletter delivered each sunday that keeps you up to date on news and open source libraries related to big data technologies and distributed systems (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc.). If you're a data scientist or do engineering work on data pipelines, definitely take a look at this.

humaaans (Design Library)

This is a really cool free design library that that lets you mix and match illustrations of people, allowing you to customize their posture, clothing, color and hairstyles. It's built for InVision Studio and Sketch.

Salary Sharing Thread for Interns (Reddit Thread)

With summer internship offers coming out, the CS Career Questions subreddit is having a salary sharing thread. The thread is broken down by region and the comments list their school, prior experience, location, summer salary and stuff like that. Gotta say, Tesla is looking very stingy!

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