TLDR Daily Update 2018-10-31

New iPad and Macbook πŸ’», Tesla autopilot crash πŸš—, AI Halloween music 🎡

Big Tech & Startups

Everything Apple just announced at its Mac and iPad Pro event (3 minute read)

Apple unveiled a new 13.3-inch retina Macbook Air at $1,199 for a 128GB model and $1,399 for a 256GB model. Both models will have USB-C ports and fingerprint Touch ID. There is a new 11-inch iPad Pro starting at $799 as well as an updated 12.9-inch iPad Pro starting at $999. Both new iPads will have USB-C ports, liquid retina displays, Face ID, and will let you charge your iPhone through your iPad. The most expensive model has 1TB storage, cellular connectivity, and costs an insane $1,899. Apple also updated the Apple Pencil stylus which lets you write on your iPad, it will cost $129 (the previous generation cost $99). There is also a new Mac Mini with 4 USB-C ports. The base model starts at $799, whereas the previous generation base model was only $499.

Uber introduces an Amazon Prime-style monthly subscription service (2 minute read)

Uber is launching a $14.99/month ($24.99/month in Los Angeles only) subscription service that gives riders discounted fares on Uber rides that will also not be subject to surge pricing. The fares will be based on historical data and will reduce fares by up to 15%. The service, called Ride Pass, is available in Los Angeles, Austin, Orlando, Denver, and Miami. The Los Angeles version of Ride Pass also includes free bike and scooter access.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Another Tesla with Autopilot crashed into a stationary objectβ€”the driver is suing (3 minute read)

A Tesla Model S owner is suing the company because his Tesla crashed into a Ford Fiesta in the next lane "suddenly, and without any warning" at 80mph when he was using the Autopilot feature on October 12th. A Tesla spokesperson said "It is the driver's responsibility to remain attentive to their surroundings and in control of the vehicle at all times," but Tesla's Autopilot home page has a big banner at the top that says "full self-driving hardware on all cars". Hudson says that a Tesla sales rep said he only needed to "occasionally place his hand on the steering wheel and that the vehicle would do everything else". He is suing Tesla for selling a defective product and deceptive marketing.

Pennywise (Github Repo)

This is a nifty little desktop application that lets you open any application in a small floating window that stays on top of other applications, so you can multitask easily while having a video or a chat window or any other application open in the corner so you can keep an eye on it.

My (somewhat)

Nicholas Zakas has been nice enough to publish his own full salary history in order to help other developers see if they're being paid fairly. He's worked at 5 companies including Yahoo and Box, where he made $208,000 as a principal architect in 2014. That's a big jump from the $48,000 he made as a webmaster at Radnet in 2000. He goes into a good amount of detail about each job, nothing in particular is that interesting but the story as a whole is an interesting point of reference to see the full career path of someone who's been in the industry for a lot longer than most of us.

Deep Learning Weekly (Newsletter)

If you're interested in learning about deep learning, this is a great newsletter full of tutorials, open source library recommendations, and practical examples of deep learning being used in industry. Curated by Malte Baumann and Jan Bussieck of 9elements.

Uncanny Music Box (Web Tool)

Happy Halloween folks! This is an AI based tool by MIT's media lab trained on thousands of soundtracks from cult horror movies in order to create new spooky music. You can use sliders to add in your own sound effects as well.

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