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Instagram founders resign 📷, floating dairy farms 🐮, and more...

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SiriusXM to Buy Pandora for $3.5 Billion in Bid to Expand Reach (2 minute read)

SiriusXM is acquiring Pandora for $3.5 billion (all stock), Pandora has 70 million users (5.6 million paying) while SiriusXM has 36 million. Pandora is expected to lose $150 million this year. It appears that the service will continue to operate as before.

Instagram's Co-Founders Said to Step Down From Company (1 minute read)

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the cofounders of Instagram, have resigned and plan to leave the company. No reason is given in the article, but it is noted that Jan Koum (the Whatsapp founder) left Facebook in April, and this is definitely a time of turmoil at Facebook, so it's not clear if they're leaving for personal reasons or because the company is going through trouble.

Google search is adding a news feed to its homepage on mobile (3 minute read)

Google is completely reimagining mobile search. It is adding a newsfeed to its mobile search results, with news cards that look a lot like the Google News App (or Facebook, Reddit, any of these apps that use the square card design on mobile). It's also using computer vision to add more visuals to search, including a new Stories feature, which creates an auto-advancing carousel of videos, showing just the relevant section of each video. Another feature called "collections" is coming this fall, it will allow you to bookmark search results into a special viewer, where Google will also surface content suggestions. Think of it like Pinterest, but for Google search.
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Better Dev Link (Newsletter)

Better Dev Link is a newsletter with weekly links to help you become a better developer. Topics are well curated, and appropriate for advanced developers.

Hacker News Books (Curation Tool)

This tool organizes the top books mentioned on Hacker News each week, archives old lists, and has a newsletter where you can receive a book list every Thursday.

Inbox Kitten (Open Source Web Tool)

Inbox Kitten is an open source, serverless disposable email service. There is a super easy to use hosted version, and you can obviously deploy your own private instance with the source code through Github.

The world's first floating farm will house 40 cows and be hurricane-resistant (3 minute read)

A Dutch company called Beladon is creating the world's first floating dairy farm. The farm will house 40 cows, and will recycle as much as it can. Cows will be fed waste products like grains left over from local breweries and by-products from mill, as well as clovers and grass grown on the farm. The cow manure will be processed and sold as fertilizer. The goal is to create farms that can adapt to changes in the climate and be hurricane-resistant, the company also plans on launching floating chicken farms and floating vertical farming greenhouses.

WHO report claims alcohol is responsible for one in 20 deaths worldwide (1 minute read)

More than 3 million people died as a result of harmful alcohol consumption in 2016 according to a World Health Organisation report. That is about 5% of all worldwide deaths, and it accounted for 13.5% of deaths for people in their 20s. 75% of the deaths were males, injury caused 30% of alcohol-related deaths, digestive diseases caused 20%, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, infectious diseases, cancers, mental disorders and alcohol abuse conditions round out the other causes.

Two people with paralysis walk again using an implanted device (5 minute read)

University of Louisville researchers have helped two people with paralysis due to spinal cord injuries walk again with a new implant that delivers electrical stimulation to the spinal cord. They're not all the way healed, but they can walk gingerly with the help of a walker. The technique isn't perfect, and two other study participants still can't walk, but they can stand and move their legs so it's still a huge improvement. It's still really early on, and researchers still don't know why it works for some people and not others, but hopefully this tech will continue to improve.

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