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Elon's ultimatum 🐦, FTX CEO's candid interview 🪙, ways to make money coding 💰

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Big Tech & Startups

Elon Musk has a successor in mind to be Tesla CEO (3 minute read)

The possibility of Elon Musk stepping down as Tesla CEO is now more likely after the acquisition of Twitter. Musk's $54 billion compensation plan for his role as Tesla CEO is currently on trial. Investors claim it won't be necessary to retain Musk at Tesla and his control over the Tesla board of directors may have influenced the approval of the compensation package. Musk may be considering ex-Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess to be his successor at Tesla.

Musk issues ultimatum to staff: Commit to ‘hardcore’ Twitter or take severance (5 minute read)

Twitter employees have been told to commit to a new 'hardcore' Twitter or leave the company with severance pay. Employees will be expected to work long hours at high intensity. The company will only accept exceptional performance. Employees were sent an email with the notice and asked respond by Thursday if they wanted to stay. Elon Musk has tabled Twitter's Blue Verified product and staff are conducting a postmortem to try to understand why impersonations spiraled out of control.
Science & Futuristic Technology

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission is finally headed towards the Moon (3 minute read)

NASA's Space Launch System rocket took off at 1:47 AM from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Wednesday. The event marks a major success for NASA's Artemis program to return to the Moon. The SLS carried its Orion capsule to an altitude of just under 4,000 kilometers before the two craft separated and the core stage of the rocket fell back to Earth. Orion will orbit the Moon for several days before splashing down to the ocean on December 11. NASA plans to launch the first crewed Moon landings since 1972 in 2025.

A Lab-Grown Meat Startup Gets the FDA’s Stamp of Approval (3 minute read)

Upside Foods is the first company to receive FDA approval to sell cultivated meat in the US. The company will sell its cultivated chicken meat at selected restaurants before allowing customers to buy and cook it at home. Cultivated meat is meat grown from real animal cells inside bioreactors, bypassing the need to kill live animals. It is theoretically indistinguishable from real meat.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Ask HN: Alternative ways to make money with coding and system skills? (Hacker News Thread)

The original poster of this Hacker News thread is able to code anything they can think of, but they are lacking qualifications and other skills required to find work outside of an office environment. In this thread, they ask for advice on how to make money with coding and system skills without having to work for a company. The top replies suggest building and selling macOS apps, pairing coding with a hobby, and finding a smaller company.

GreptimeDB (GitHub Repo)

GreptimeDB is a cloud-native distributed time-series database. It focuses on scalability, analytics, and efficiency. GreptimeDB features an optimized columnar layout for handling time-series data, flexible index options, native SQL, Python scripting, and more.

Sam Bankman-Fried tries to explain himself (7 minute read)

Sam Bankman-Fried recently responded to a reporter's DMs to talk about regulators, his regrets, and what he wishes he could have done differently with FTX and Alameda. SBF is still working to try to raise funding to pay back depositors. This article contains a summary of the interview along with screenshots of the DMs.

Inside the billion-dollar meeting for the mega-rich who want to live forever (10 minute read)

The first in-person Longevity Investors Conference was held over two days at a sky-resort town in the Swiss Alps. Scientists and biotech founders spent the two-day event making their case for various approaches to prolonging good health. Of the 150 people at the meeting, 120 were investors with millions and even billions of dollars at their disposal. This article gives readers a glimpse of what it was like inside the conference and discusses the field of longevity science.
Quick Links

Elon Musk Denies "False" Reports of SpaceX Stock Sale (1 minute read)

The alleged fundraiser would have brought the value of the company up to $150 billion.

TourGuide (GitHub Repo)

TourGuide is a JavaScript library written for creating user tours and onboarding steps for apps.

DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection beta is now available to all Android users (2 minute read)

App Tracking Protection for Android is a feature that blocks third-party trackers within apps even when those apps aren’t actively being used.

GPUs are headed in the wrong direction (3 minute read)

This year's GPUs from AMD and Nvidia are far more expensive and physically huge than previous releases.

LF Europe’s Project Sylva wants to create an open source telco cloud stack (3 minute read)

The Linux Foundation Europe is a recently launched European offshoot of the Linux Foundation.

The good delusion: has effective altruism broken bad? (36 minute read)

Effective altruism is a social movement that believes the wealthy are able to improve society on a large scale.

No architecture is better than bad architecture (6 minute read)

Building a solid architecture can be a waste of energy and can stop teams from working fast.
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