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Google Pixel event 📱, Meta's high-end VR headset 🥽, leaving bad work environments 👨‍💻

De-identifying Analytics Data with Skyflow - Architecture and Practical Use Cases (Sponsor)

Can analytics and data privacy go together? Sensitive data often finds its way into analytics pipelines, where it’s rarely needed and adds enormous security and compliance risk. However, blindly purging such data from analytics pipelines can break key use cases.

Learn how a data privacy vault and tokenization can help you preserve privacy while enabling analytics - including scenarios that require PII. This white paper discusses example architectures to support several common analytics use cases.

Download the PDF: De-identifying Analytics Data with Skyflow

Big Tech & Startups

Meta will reveal its new high-end VR headset on October 11th (3 minute read)

Meta's Connect Conference will be livestreamed on October 11. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed last month that Meta would be announcing a new VR headset in October. He posted an image on Tuesday of him wearing a device that looks very similar to the rumored Project Cambria headset. The image is available in the article. Meta's Connect Conference will also cover the progress the company has made on the metaverse and offer a look into Meta's plans for the future.

Google announces Pixel hardware event for October 6 (2 minute read)

Google will host its Pixel hardware event on October 6. The company already teased the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, as well as the Pixel Watch, at an event in May. The event on October 6 will fully detail those products, features, pricing, and availability. It will be Made by Google's first in-person event in two years. A teaser video for the event is available in the article.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Rocket Lab's recycled booster engine fires flawlessly after ocean landing (2 minute read)

Rocket Lab has successfully refurbished one of the nine Rutherford engines that powered its Electron booster in May. The company recovered the booster from the ocean in May after successfully catching it with a helicopter as it fell from space. The engine passed all of the usual testing criteria for Rocket Lab's engines. Rocket Lab plans to attempt to capture another booster before the end of the year.

Scientists Found Genetic Mutations in Every Astronaut Blood Sample They Studied (3 minute read)

Blood samples from 14 NASA astronauts who flew in missions between 1998 and 2001 revealed that all 14 astronauts showed mutations in their DNA. The mutations are low enough to not seriously affect the astronauts' long term health, but the finding highlights the importance of regular health screenings for astronauts. The mutations were likely caused by space radiation.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Introducing Signals (9 minute read)

Signals are reactive primitives for managing application state. With Signals, state changes automatically update components and UI in the most efficient way possible. Signals are effective in applications of any size. Unlike hooks, they can be used inside or outside of components.

Introducing Riff (2 minute read)

Riff is a tool that automatically provides external dependencies for software projects. It currently only supports Rust. Support for other languages is planned. Riff uses a Nix package manager to handle dependencies, but users don't need to know how to use Nix.

How to analyze IoT sensor data with InfluxDB - best practices and examples (Sponsor)

If you’re working with sensor data, this virtual session is for you: Brian Gilmore, Director of IoT and Emerging Technologies at InfluxData, will present the basics of time series data and apps + a platform overview (InfluxDB, Telegraf, Flux) + practical examples of collecting data at the edge using IoT protocols such as MQTT.

Register for the live session (free)


Is it ok to say "I am switching cause the current company has toxic work environment" to a recruiter from another company? (Reddit Thread)

This Reddit thread discusses how to talk about previous workplaces with recruiters. It is best to reframe problems with previous companies into positives that you are seeking in the next company. Discussing previous workplaces negatively could make recruiters more wary of hiring an applicant. It also gives recruiters an advantage in negotiations for no gain.

Amazon’s next healthcare venture may be in Japan (2 minute read)

Amazon may partner with pharmacies in Japan to deliver medications starting in 2023. The plan involves Amazon building a platform where patients can get information about prescribed drugs and get those drugs delivered. Amazon will only provide the online system and will not operate the pharmacies. The company has been involved in the pharmacy business in the US since 2018.
Quick Links

The God Endpoints will continue until morale improves (4 minute read)

Getting endpoints to conform to one interface will improve developer experience.

Vulnerability Management for Go (3 minute read)

Go has introduced new support for vulnerability management to help Go developers learn about known vulnerabilities that may affect them.

The EU’s AI Act could have a chilling effect on open source efforts, experts warn (6 minute read)

The new rules will force open source developers to adhere to guidelines for risk management, data governance, technical documentation, transparency, and standards of accuracy and cybersecurity.

The first phone maker to add satellite texting to its devices is... Huawei (3 minute read)

Huawei's Mate 50 series devices can send texts via satellite communication.

Scientists Wire Chip to Cockroaches' Nervous System, Allow Them to Be Remote Controlled (2 minute read)

An international team of scientists have created cyborg cockroaches that can be remote controlled.

Openship (GitHub Repo)

Openship is an operations platform that enables multi-channel fulfillment.
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