TLDR 2022-09-05

Airpods Pro 2  🎧, iPhone passes Android in US📱, dealing with location-based pay 👨‍💻

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Big Tech & Startups

Gurman: 'Apple Reality Pro' to Be First of Three Apple AR/VR Headset Devices (2 minute read)

Apple is rumored to be working on at least three augmented-reality and virtual-reality headset devices. The first device will likely launch with the name 'Apple Reality Pro'. It will be a high-end rival to Meta's upcoming Quest Pro headset. The second headset will come at a lower price point. The third device is Apple's long-rumored augmented reality glasses device, which may not launch for some time.

Gurman: AirPods Pro 2 to be unveiled during iPhone 14 event (2 minute read)

Apple's AirPods Pro 2 will likely be unveiled at its September 'Far Out' event. The earbuds will likely have a similar design as the first AirPods Pro but with a few new tweaks. They will feature the next version of Apple's H1 chip and possibly Bluetooth 5.2 support. The charging case will likely still have a Lightning port. Analysts predict that Apple will switch its AirPods and other accessories to USB-C when the iPhone switches to USB-C.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Researchers Just Wirelessly Transmitted Power Over 98 Feet of Thin Air (3 minute read)

Researchers from South Korea used infrared lasers to transmit 400mW of light power over distances of up to 30 meters. The lasers use the safest part of the infrared spectrum and can't damage human skin or eyes. They fall back to a low power mode when not in use. Laser charging could be useful in environments where electrical connections can cause interference or pose a fire hazard.

Physicists Broke The Speed of Light With Pulses Inside Hot Plasma (3 minute read)

Physicists in the US have shown that under certain conditions, waves made up of groups of photons can move faster than light. The researchers changed the group velocity of light pulses sent through plasma, causing the light to slow down or move up to 30% faster. The effect is still well within the laws of physics. The discovery could result in the development of insanely powerful lasers.
Programming, Design & Data Science

People, systems, devices — orchestrate anything with Camunda (Sponsor)

If you’ve been asked to automate mission-critical processes, check out Camunda. It’s a universal process orchestrator that connects to virtually anything: RPA bots, IoT services, CRM, ERP, Kafka, and everything in between. Orchestrate modern microservices, legacy applications, or homegrown software. Learn more about Camunda’s next-generation workflow engine.

W2UI (GitHub Repo)

W2UI is a JavaScript UI library for building web applications. It allows developers to define the UI in a declarative way via JSON data structures. The library has a small footprint and it only has one dependency, jQuery. W2UI can be used in Vanilla JS projects, ES6 modules, and Angular, React, and Vue based projects.

Flower (GitHub Repo)

Flower is a framework for building federated learning systems. It is customizable, extendable, and framework-agnostic. Flower was built with AI research in mind. Usage examples and tutorials are available.

Ask HN: Location based pay is killing my motivation, how do others handle it? (Hacker News Thread)

Companies that hire internationally sometimes have policies that adjust employee pay depending on location. This can be demotivating for people who can't move to higher paid locations. This Hacker News thread discusses location-based pay and the reasons for and against it. The commenters talk about how companies determine how much they pay employees, negotiating higher salaries, and different perspectives on location-based pay.

iPhone overtakes Android to claim majority of US smartphone market (2 minute read)

iPhones now claim 50% of the US smartphone market. Android is the dominant force in the global smartphone market, with more than 70% market share. The iPhone has always had an outsized presence in the US compared to other markets. It represents 57% of all premium smartphone sales.
Quick Links

NASA scrubs second attempt to launch Artemis I after hydrogen leak (4 minute read)

The Artemis I launch attempt was scrubbed as the launch team was unable to solve a leak in the Space Launch System rocket.

The Scoop: Netflix’s historic introduction of levels for software engineers (11 minute read)

The main driver behind Netflix's levels for software engineers seems to be cost.

Instagram Removes Pornhub’s Account (2 minute read)

Pornhub's Instagram account had 13.1 million followers and more than 6,200 posts before it was removed.

Succinct Data Structure Library (GitHub Repo)

The Succinct Data Structure Library is a C++ 11 library that implements succinct data structures.

Hot Chips 34 – Tesla’s Dojo Microarchitecture (14 minute read)

Dojo is a supercomputer built by Tesla optimized for training Tesla's machine learning models.

COYO-700M (GitHub Repo)

COYO-700M is a large-scale dataset that contains 747M image-text pairs.
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