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Apple Watch Pro ⌚, Tesla same-hour service 🚗, AWS open sources React components 👨‍💻

Data privacy in depth: a conversation + live Q&A with two industry experts (Sponsor)

This conversation between two thought leaders in data protection helps engineers, product managers, and architects to navigate the ecosystem of privacy tech and data protection services.

Steve Wilson of Constellation Research and Anshu Sharma of Skyflow will explore the idea of "Privacy by Architecture", and share key insights on the need to tailor different data protection measures to different types of data. Stick around for the live Q&A session to ask Steve and Anshu your most pressing data privacy questions. Register now to save your seat.

Big Tech & Startups

Tesla is aiming for same-hour service with 'Formula 1 pit crew techniques' (3 minute read)

Elon Musk says Tesla is working to achieve same-hour service on its vehicles using Formula 1 pit crew techniques. Tesla is aiming to make the majority of appointments same-day repairs. It will achieve that goal with bigger centers and more specialization, with each service center having service bays that perform very specific services.

Apple Watch Pro to feature a redesign and larger display, new sensors delayed (3 minute read)

Apple is set to unveil three new Apple Watches in two months. The new Apple Watch Pro will be a high-end model made for extreme sports. It will have a larger display, longer battery life, and a new body-temperature sensor. The rumored blood pressure and glucose sensors will not arrive until later this decade. The Apple Watch Series 8 will likely use the same chip as the Apple Watch Series 6.
Science & Futuristic Technology

Chinese Scientists Show Off Laser That Can Write Words in Mid-Air (2 minute read)

Scientists from China have developed a laser pen that can write in mid-air. The pen uses ultra-short laser pulses to strip the electrons from air particles and turn them into light-emitting plasma. Its power output can reach one million megawatts, but the device doesn't draw too much power as the bursts are so short. The technology could have applications in quantum computing, brain imaging, and other advanced tech such as holographic imaging.

Chemistry breakthrough offers unprecedented control over atomic bonds (3 minute read)

An international team of scientists has developed a technology that can selectively rearrange atomic bonds within a single molecule. The method allows for an unprecedented level of control over chemical bonds and could open up many possibilities within the field of molecular machinery. It involves using the tip of a scanning probe microscope to apply different voltage pulses. The reactions are reversible, so the technique can switch molecules between different molecular structures in a controlled manner.
Programming, Design & Data Science

Cloudscape (GitHub Repo)

This repository contains the React components for the Cloudscape Design System. Cloudscape is a design system for building web applications that offers interactive guidelines, frontend components, design resources, and development tools. It was created to improve the user experience across web applications owned by AWS services. Cloudscape supports various visual modes, accessibility, responsive design, and broad browser coverage.

Time series data: Do you need a purpose-built database? (Sponsor)

Is time series data just any dataset with a timestamp field? How do time series workloads differ from OLTP or full text search? And what does it mean for your choice of database? Get all the answers in this technical e-book from the creators of InfluxDB. Download PDF.

Svelvet (Website)

Svelvet Is a Svelte component library for building interactive node-based flow diagrams. It allows users to create flow diagrams using pre-built components with zooming and panning, draggable interactivity, customizable edges, nodes, and more. An interactive demo is available.

Blots on a field? (16 minute read)

A neuroscientist has discovered evidence that dozens of papers involving Alzheimer's research may have been fraudulent. He identified apparently altered or duplicated images in dozens of journal articles. Some of the research underpins key elements of the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer's. These studies may have misdirected Alzheimer's research for 16 years. The finding implies that millions of federal dollars may have been misspent on Alzheimer's research and other efforts.

FBI investigation determined Chinese-made Huawei equipment could disrupt US nuclear arsenal communications (14 minute read)

US security officials have identified a dramatic escalation of Chinese espionage on US soil over the past decade. Federal officials have investigated Chinese land purchases near critical infrastructure, shut down a high-profile regional consulate, and stopped efforts to plant listening devices near sensitive military and government facilities. They have also discovered that Huawei devices atop cell towers near US military bases were capable of capturing and disrupting highly restricted Defense Department communications.
Quick Links

kvass (GitHub Repo)

kvass is a personal key-value store.

DwarFS (GitHub Repo)

DwarFS is a read-only file system with very high compression ratios for very redundant data.

Mechanics invent an axle that can achieve steering angles of up to 80 degrees (2 minute read)

US-German auto parts company ZF has engineered a strut suspension front axle that allows the front wheels of a vehicle to turn up to 80 degrees.

Lolo Code is Officially Live. Make Every Data Stream, API & Network Programmable (Sponsor)

Build serverless Node.js applications and reusable functions in a visual cloud editor. Unlimited apps in free tier, no infra to manage.

Practical Deep Learning for Coders v5 is finally ready! (2 minute read)

Practical Deep Learning for Coders is a course that covers PyTorch, Hugging Face, DeBERTa, ConvNeXt, Gradio, and more.

LG’s 16:18 DualUp is a weird monitor for getting work done (8 minute read)

LG's 27.6-inch DualUp monitor is taller than it is wide, with a 16:18 aspect ratio.

Apple’s new U1-enabled Nearby Interactions feature is on its way (3 minute read)

Apple's new Nearby Interactions feature allows third-party devices to talk to Apple's U1 chips for new hands-free user experiences.
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